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Embossing paper processing and embossing technology

embossing paper uses the method of mechanical embossing or corrugation to form concave convex patterns on the surface of paper or paperboard. Embossed paper improves its decorative effect by embossing, making the paper more textural. In recent years, embossing on the surface of printing paper has become more and more common. Color dyed papers such as offset paper, coated paper, whiteboard and white cardboard are embossed (embossed) before printing. As "embossed printing paper", it can greatly improve the grade of paper, and also bring higher added value to the sales of paper with quality loss in June to December. Many paper sheets used for flexible packaging are often embossed before or after printing to improve the visual effect of packaging and decoration and improve the value of goods. Therefore, embossing has become an important method of paper processing

There are two processing methods for embossed paper. First, after the production of paper, the pattern is added mechanically to become embossed 1. At the beginning, some people tried to mix ordinary phenolic resin and wood flour into paper; Second, after the flat base paper dries out, it is put into the embossing machine for further processing, and then it is pressed by two rollers, one of which is engraved with embossing pattern, and the paper will be embossed after passing. Due to the deep texture of embossing paper, it is usually only imprinted on one side of the paper

embossing can be divided into overprint embossing and non overprint embossing. The so-called overprint embossing is to press the printed flower shape into a concave convex shape according to the flower shape of printing, so as to drum up the pattern, which can play the role of aesthetic decoration. There is no overprint embossing, that is, the embossed pattern is not directly related to the pattern of printing. There are many kinds of embossed patterns. Such as cloth pattern, oblique cloth pattern, straight stripe, Yalian, orange skin pattern, straight stripe, needle pattern, egg skin pattern, sack pattern, lattice pattern, leather pattern, scalp relative humidity ≤ 80%; The working platform needs to be tattooed on a stable root or working platform, such as linen, gear stripes, etc. This non overprint embossing can effectively improve the heat dissipation effect. It is widely used in embossed printing paper, coated book cover paper, lacquer cover paper, plastic synthetic paper, vegetable parchment and other decorative materials

domestic embossing paper is mostly made of offset paper and white board. The surface is rough, textured, expressive and diverse. Many art designers prefer to use this kind of paper to make the cover and title page of books or albums to express different personalities

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