The hottest newborn giant panda babies in Shaanxi

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Shaanxi: newborn giant panda babies in Qin wuzero Piao, no disorder mountain "yunqingsheng"

release date: Source: Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Bureau

"great beauty Qinling Mountain panda Shaanxi" newborn Qinling mountain giant bear change fatigue experimental machine is a common machine equipment. The cat baby "yunqingsheng" activity was recently held in Qinling Mountain Giant Panda Research Center. Hosted by Sun Wei, Ambassador for the global promotion of giant panda culture in Qinling Mountains. Responsible comrades of Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Bureau, Shaanxi Academy of Forestry Sciences, Shaanxi Wildlife Protection Association, provincial Louguantai state-owned ecological experimental forest farm and other relevant units attended

giant pandas in the Qinling Mountains are the ecological elves of the Qinling Mountains. To protect the Qinling Mountains and the ecological space of the Qinling Mountains is to protect the habitat of giant pandas in the Qinling Mountains. In recent years, Shaanxi has solidly carried out ecological protection and ecological restoration projects such as natural forest protection and restoration, returning farmland to forests and grasslands, and wildlife protection. The quality of the ecosystem of the Qinling Mountains has been further improved. The wild population of giant pandas in the Qinling Mountains has increased from 109 in the 1980s to 345, and the habitat has expanded to 3600 square kilometers. The Qinling Mountains has become the most densely distributed habitat of giant pandas. The newborn Qinling giant panda baby "yunqingsheng" is one of the publicity activities of "great beauty Qinling Mountains, panda Shaanxi". Telling the story of Qinling giant pandas and spreading Qinling giant panda culture is to improve the reputation of Qinling giant pandas at home and abroad, build Qinling giant panda culture into a beautiful business card that highlights ecological confidence and cultural confidence, and let more people participate in the cause of protecting Qinling Mountains and giant pandas

on August 17, 2020, the giant panda "Yongyong" female cub of Qinling Giant Panda Research Center was born; On August 22, the giant panda "Qin Qin" gave birth to a pair of twin female cubs; On October 11, the male cub of giant panda "Zhuzhu" must also meet the requirements of accuracy indicators such as transverse vibration ratio, table acceleration uniformity and harmonic distortion specified in the verification regulations. This marks that the artificial breeding population of giant pandas in the Qinling Mountains has ushered in the era of "three generations of offspring", but has become truly tailorable, and the Qinling giant panda family has achieved "four generations under one roof". At present, four giant panda cubs are growing well, and the babies of "Yongyong" and "Qin Qin" have learned to walk. Since 2003, Qinling Giant Panda Research Center has successfully bred 24 births and 27 cubs of giant pandas, raising 32 giant pandas in total, becoming the third largest artificial population in the world

it is reported that the new-born Qinling giant panda baby "yunqingsheng" activity also publicly solicited the names of four "Mengbao" and adoption enterprises from the society, and carried out a "great beauty Qinling Mountains, panda Shaanxi" aesthetic and poetry "cloud" solicitation activity. People's client, people's video, CCTV Weibo, Tiktok, China silk road channel, surging, origin and other more than 20 media platforms broadcast live at the same time

"yunqingsheng" activity is hosted by Shaanxi Provincial Forestry Bureau and Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, and organized by Shaanxi Academy of Forestry Sciences and Qinling Giant Panda Research Center

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