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Dongguan paint Street: new type store PK shop

Dongguan paint Street: new type store PK shop

September 4, 2009

[China paint information] at present, the situation of Dongguan paint street has not yet appeared, and the paint market as a whole is still mixed and not concentrated enough. In addition to several large building materials markets in the urban area, there are not many paint stores, but general paint grocery stores are scattered in all corners of each town. It is understood that Dulux has 20 100% franchised stores in Dongguan, more than 200 small stores with 50% or less, and Dabao franchised stores have 5 or 6, some of which are still under preparation. Before the emergence of Dongguan paint street, there were two regular forces in the paint market, namely, new building materials stores and specialty stores. In the battle between the two regular armies alone, who will dominate the ups and downs will still be unknown

the first round: price determines the market

due to the particularity of the paint itself, few consumers can professionally identify the quality of the paint. As long as it is brand goods, the low price will definitely lead the market. The new store is the so-called building materials supermarket. Although it is superior to the monopoly store in terms of convenience of shopping and can provide a one-stop shopping method, it will be significantly higher in price than the outside monopoly store. The reason why this happens is related to the imperfection and immaturity of such a new supermarket. The additional human cost and management cost in the middle have increased the price of the goods themselves. However, there is no such situation in the franchised store. The price will naturally be low without too many additional costs. Coupled with the flexibility of the franchised store itself, the price can be discussed again. It is obvious to seize a large market share. Therefore, the efforts to be made by the new-type stores are how to reduce the intermediate links and reduce some intermediate costs. In this way, the new-type stores may become the main force of the paint market

the second round: service determines the market

in the era of fierce competition in the paint industry, consumers have higher requirements for its services not only from suppliers of auto giants such as Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, etc. high-quality services let consumers experience a professional attitude and professionalism, so as to generate trust and achieve the pleasure of shopping psychology. In fact, when this advertisement is flying all over the world, the cost of battery packs is still very high, and consumers need a trust trust. If he can trust and be happy, he will be a pioneer in promoting products and stores. China has a large population, and the publicity effect of passing from one to ten to hundreds should still be very powerful. The new building materials supermarket makes people feel relaxed about shopping, but the after-sales service is not perfect because there are many things involved, although every salesman is so dedicated and professional. The franchised store is different. It can provide one-on-one service, return visits to customers at any time, and establish a good long-term relationship with customers. Gradually, customers will also introduce customers. It goes without saying that business is good. Therefore, the new building materials supermarket also needs to constantly improve the service system in order to lead the market

the third round: get used to setting the market

when it comes to getting used to setting the market, some people may not understand it. This is because of the local characteristics of Dongguan. Shenzhen is like a young man, energetic, energetic and easy to accept new things. Dongguan is more like a nouveau riche, with rigid ideas and outdated concepts, and its ability to accept new things is relatively slow. There are only oneortwo paint shops in a place, and they should be far away, otherwise they can't do business. Local consumers are also used to visiting small specialty stores outside, because the positioning of new building materials supermarkets is also some new era consumers. Therefore, the local people in Dongguan are somewhat unaccustomed. The author believes that more publicity should be given to the new supermarket to slowly affect the habits of the local people

in terms of these three PK alone, I think the new stores are still a little weak, but I think the new stores will be a general trend. Like all shopping supermarkets, if all aspects are perfect and develop well, in a short time, the new stores can cover half the sky. However, the author believes that whether it is a new store or a franchised store, we must be careful in the final selection of product quality and cooperation with the construction team. For the sake of consumers everywhere, coating is what we do. Whether we can regulate the coating industry and change the current situation of mixed fish and Dragons depends on the actions of these two main forces. Of course, standardizing the paint industry also requires the full cooperation of consumers, enhance brand awareness, and try to choose reputable brands. Buying paint is to buy health, not to make a living with your own health. Consumers have gained insight. The number of effective pulses in China's plastic machine industry has been amplified by 4 times, and the international influence has been continuously increased. Those coating chambers that deceive consumers have failed to break through

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