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Dutch plastic industry rookie launched a new antibacterial polymer

according to Dutch local media reports, the country's plastic industry rookie parx plastics company has successfully developed a new antibacterial polymer. At present, this polymer brand named saniconcentrates has begun large-scale commercial production

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parx, headquartered in Rotterdam, has successfully developed saniconcentrates antibacterial polymers with Eastman tritan polyester and ABS resin as raw materials and its exclusive biological production technology

"bringing ABS to the plastic industry to provide innovative solutions that are not affected by water, inorganic salts, alkali alcohols, hydrocarbon solvents and a variety of acids marks a big step forward in the market application of the company's biocompatible patented technology. The introduction of our antibacterial polymers has triggered a 'commotion' and attracted the attention of many large companies." Parx CEO Michael van due to its high energy density der Jagt said at the press conference

van der Jagt said that in recent years, the market demand for sustainable development solutions is increasing, and the requirements of end customers for antibacterial products are also more stringent. The two production lines of saniconcentrates and sanipolymers under parx have greatly enhanced the antibacterial properties of polymers

parx said that the antibacterial materials produced by the company's patented biotechnology will not have any side effects on the human body and the environment. Therefore, as a plastic, this new polymer can be safely used in the field of food packaging in order to make braking safe and reliable

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