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Security construction has entered the intelligent era. First of all, we should install "smart eyes"

in the continuous upgrading, the security system has entered the intelligent era from the era of Digital HD. From the past, we can see clearly and far to the current intelligent and understandable security equipment. After intelligent transformation, the security equipment will provide a more long-term and efficient guarantee for regional security. As the entrance of intelligent operation data and information, the front-end camera plays the role of intelligent eyes

in the operation process of the intelligent security system, the view data is collected through the intelligent camera first, and then the video image data is uploaded to the video cloud platform to provide efficient video analysis and big data retrieval services. Based on massive data information, mining and analysis, intelligent research and judgment, so as to realize the construction of an integrated intelligent security system

researchers hope to have more theoretical understanding of the reasons for the expansion of materials. Therefore, the operation efficiency of intelligent cameras in the performance dimensions of data processing ability, intelligence, face recognition and so on plays a vital role in the efficient operation of the entire intelligent security system

based on the Hisilicon intelligent vision platform chipset, North China industrial control has built a complete product line. In response to the market demand for smart cameras, North China industrial control has integrated its own R & D capabilities, upstream and downstream supplier resources, and product scheme building capabilities. The smart camera scheme it has made every effort to build is mainly based on the following dimensions:

● configure high-quality video coding and decoding capabilities, and have strong video information processing capabilities, Ensure the stable operation of the treatment work through the enhancement of industrial level performance

● after the expansion of BASF Pudong base, the video information processing capacity is strong, supporting high-speed storage and high on-board memory, which can efficiently input, store and output information

● realize high-quality configuration: support 12million pixel Sony lens, support multi-channel splicing, and adopt Hisilicon multi-core heterogeneous processors

● configure high-quality face recognition technology, face concurrent detection, excellent recognition accuracy and recognition efficiency, as one of the information portals of the security system, provide it with high-quality information

● continue to work on various industrial level performance parameters such as compatibility, stability, power consumption and so on to ensure the operation ability of the product scheme under harsh external conditions. 7.2 local hydraulic transmission should not have vibration, obvious impact and blocking within the speed limit of the task

in different intelligent security schemes, smart cameras play the role of smart eyes, and are the source of video information acquisition in the whole scheme system. Build a 4K ultra-high definition network camera scheme with excellent performance, and North China industrial control will endow intelligent security construction with technology and performance building ability

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