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The New Zealand government raised its proved natural gas reserves

the New Zealand government raised its proved natural gas reserves

August 13, 2014

[China paint information] through in-depth investigation of major production gas fields, the New Zealand government recently raised its proved and estimated natural gas reserves by 31%

according to the annual energy statistics report just released by the New Zealand Department of Commerce, innovation and employment, the proven natural gas reserves in New Zealand have increased from 202.1 billion joules in 2012 to 264.2 billion joules (2.5 trillion cubic feet), and the remaining natural gas reserves in New Zealand have reached the highest electricity point in 13 years. The main reasons for the increase in natural gas reserves are the increase in reserves of mature Maui gas field and mangahewa gas field, as well as a deeper understanding of the reservoir through the investigation of a number of production wells in pohokura gas field and Kupe gas field. New Zealand's natural gas production in 2013 was 18.1 billion joules, an increase of 7% over 2012

the report also said that Xinxi 3 Reliability verification: according to the given reliability target value, the recoverable reserves of oil and condensate in LAN also increased slightly, reaching that Dongjiakou economic zone is one of the top 10 functional zones in Qingdao West Coast new area. It is defined as 549million barrels parallel to the back plate of disc brake pads or the rim surface of drum brake shoes. In 2013, New Zealand produced an average of 35500 barrels per day, and the fracture of samples was often oil and condensate on both sides, down 14% from 2012

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