The hottest new zealand businessmen visited Qingda

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New Zealand businessmen visited Qingdao heavy industry recently, New Zealand businessmen visited Qingdao heavy industry company, which has been providing protection for military and police forces around the world for more than 210 years. General manager Wang Yingbo and deputy general manager Li Xiaoli accompanied the guests to visit and revise the data. At present, maodi, Yujing and Yuanjing have joined the processing and manufacturing production divisions of Qingdao heavy industry, and introduced all kinds of special vehicles and special vehicle products produced by Qingdao heavy industry. New Zealand merchants showed great interest in our company's mixer truck, sanitation compressor truck, Yamaki excavator, military special vehicle and other products. The two sides have deepened understanding and laid a foundation for further trade exchanges. When pouring concrete, leave holes for anchoring anchor bolts and pipelines for installing circuits and sensors

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