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In the first half of the year, more than half of 2016 has passed since the completion of 313 billion yuan of investment in large projects in Henan Province. As a large project driving the economic growth of Henan Province, how is the construction going? On July 25, the author learned from the key office of Henan provincial government that in the first half of this year, the investment of 876 class a "big guys" in Henan Province completed 313 billion yuan, accounting for 51.7% of the annual target, the operating rate was 58.7%, and the investment progress of most industries was more than half. Urban construction | 95% suburban railway track laying from the South Fourth Ring Road to Zhengzhou South Station

at present, Zhengzhou Metro Line 2 phase I project is ready for operation by the end of August. The main structure of the suburban railway station from the South Fourth Ring Road to Zhengzhou south station has been completed, and 95% of the tracks have been laid. 29 stations of Metro Line 5 have been fully started, and the shield tunneling has accumulated 8.4 kilometers. The civil construction unit of the world bank loan section of Metro Line 3 phase I has entered the site

53 projects in the port area completed an investment of 23.68 billion yuan

in the first half of the year, 53 projects in Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone completed an investment of 23.68 billion yuan, accounting for 63.6% of the annual target. 24 of the 27 new projects planned to start in the whole year have been started. In terms of specific projects, the first phase of Zhengwei intelligent terminal () Industrial Park has an annual production capacity of 30million units, and the investment attraction of the industrial park is progressing smoothly. The main plant of Coolpad group intelligent industrial park has been capped and dormitories are being built. The pile foundation construction of the R & D building of Youjia (Henan) Precision Machinery Industrial Park Phase I project has been completed, and the trial production is planned before the end of October. The main body of the warehouse and office building of cainiaolo China intelligent backbone project has been completed and the exterior wall construction is under way. The construction of the follow-up and supporting projects of phase II of the airport is carried out according to the nodes, and the Yingbin Road viaduct has been opened to traffic. China Mobile (Henan) Data Center Shandong monomer completed the construction of the third floor of the main body

industry | the main facilities of the expansion project of Dongfeng Motor with an annual output of 200000 passenger cars were completed

in the first half of the year, industrial, high-tech, service and other projects completed half of the annual investment goals respectively. Specifically, the foundation construction of Yutong No. 3 bus factory and supporting facilities project staff apartments is under way, and the plant planning and design is being improved. Dongfeng Motor Zhengzhou base has basically completed the main facilities of the annual production capacity expansion project of 200000 passenger cars, and is promoting the transformation of domestic sales for equipment commissioning. Xuchang Senyuan electric energy-saving and environment-friendly power transmission and transformation equipment industrialization project, 50% of the equipment was installed, and some equipment began trial operation

the main construction of plant and warehouse of AVIC lithium (Luoyang) Industrial Park Phase III project has been completed. The decoration of the supervision warehouse and office building of the supporting construction project in zone B of Zhengzhou export processing zone has been completed, and the decoration of the declaration hall and exhibition hall is being completed. Zhengzhou National land port will soon become a multi-modal transportation center, which has completed 65% of the work volume, and the automobile port has begun the single body design

railway | Zhengzhou South Railway Station Dengfeng Luoyang urban railway strives to start construction in the third quarter

the construction of intercity railway is also "not willing to be outdone". At present, Kaifeng has been mobilized for the requisition and relocation of the extension line of Zhengzhou Kaifeng urban railway, and the construction can be started in the near future. The intercity railway from the airport to the South Railway Station is undergoing construction preparation and the environment is climate shield starting shaft excavation. The feasibility study report of Zhengzhou South Railway Station Dengfeng Luoyang urban railway has been reviewed and is undergoing restructuring and reorganization in recent years, striving to start construction in the third quarter. The pre feasibility study report of Jiaozuo Jiyuan Luoyang urban railway has been prepared, and the on-site preliminary survey has been completed

in addition, the feasibility study report of Sanmenxia Yuzhou railway has been approved and the preliminary design is under way

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