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The 2019 annual academic meeting of Jiangsu lighting society was held in Yang. Yangzhou news (correspondent Zhu meijunyang, Qiu Ling of the Association for science and Technology). During this period, whenever night falls, Yangyan Road, which has just undergone lighting transformation in Huairou District, Beijing, is brightly lit, and the lampposts with wild geese taking off on both sides of the road are unique. Yangzhou enterprise Longteng lighting group is a participant in this project. "In this lighting renovation project, in addition to adding cultural elements to the light poles, we also improved and optimized the light poles, realizing the multi-function integration of public facilities such as lighting, transportation, security, meteorology and environmental protection, and reserved 5g micro base station construction infrastructure, which will bring great convenience to urban life in the future." Caiming, director of Longteng lighting R & D center, said

there are many lighting enterprises in Yangzhou that actively transform and upgrade and participate in the construction of smart cities, such as Longteng lighting. In recent years, with the vigorous development of new technologies and new business forms such as 5g, IOT, big data and artificial intelligence, the construction of smart cities has ushered in a new round of acceleration. How can lighting enterprises seize this opportunity? The day before yesterday, the 2019 annual academic meeting of Jiangsu lighting society was held in Yangzhou. The wisdom of experts in the industry collided, providing new ideas for the development of Yangzhou lighting industry

"smart streetlights have the characteristics of 'have, have points and have poles'. Taking smart streetlights as the key node of smart city construction can avoid the waste of resources caused by repeated construction." Gao Fei, the full-time vice president of China Lighting society, introduced that smart street lamps can expand the application of various functions of smart cities, such as smart lighting, deployment of 5g micro base stations, smart new energy charging, smart transportation, smart security, smart urban management, smart parking, etc., to provide convenient services for people's lives. "These streetlights with all kinds of big data are expected to become an invisible piece in the future. The experimental results are usually the average value of five samples, and become the main carrier of smart cities."

with the commercial use of 5g, smart lighting will become the next market segment for many enterprises. Lighting industry is one of the advantageous industries of Yangzhou, especially Gaoyou. Gaoyou is an important outdoor lighting production base in China, with an annual output value of nearly 20billion yuan. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic market share of Gaoyou street lamp pole reaches 70%, and the domestic market share of street lamp finished products reaches 2. According to the municipal ceramic aluminum office, 5%. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and other regions

"with the development of 5g, smart street lamps will become a new entrance to the interconnection of everything in the city, bringing new opportunities for industrial development." Chenyansheng, the full-time chairman of China Lighting Appliance Association, suggested that Gaoyou lighting enterprises can cooperate with multiple industries and cross fields to promote the development of Yangzhou smart lighting industry

Wang Haibo, chairman of Jiangsu lighting society and Secretary of the Party branch and director of the electric light source materials research institute of Nanjing University of technology, said that with the popularization of various communication technologies, convenient transportation, perfect industrial chain and other factors, Yangzhou has become one of the important bases for the development of smart lighting industry. The provincial annual meeting was held in Yangzhou, which is precisely the ability and potential of Yangzhou Gaoyou lighting industry. "This month, the guide for the construction of smart lighting poles for urban lighting in Jiangsu Province, led by us, will be accepted, and many enterprises in Yangzhou have participated in the preparation." He believes that Yangzhou enterprises can take advantage of the development of smart lighting industry to transform into technology-based enterprises. "In the future, we will strengthen industry university research cooperation with Yangzhou lighting enterprises and promote the implementation of sub centers of national lamp testing centers in Yangzhou."

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