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Major projects highlight the new height of national strength and set a new record for China's intelligent manufacturing

major projects highlight the new height of national strength and set a new record for China's intelligent manufacturing

information on China's construction machinery

confidence at the beginning of the 13th five year plan

Tiangong II and Shenzhou Xi manned flights for the first time achieved the mid-term presence of astronauts in orbit; The first flight of the Long March 5 carrier rocket was successful; The Three Gorges ship lift, the largest in the world, opened for navigation; The main hull of the first domestic aircraft carrier is closed and shaped... From the sky to the sea, from construction to application, in the first year of the 13th five year plan, China has ushered in the harvest period of a new batch of major projects. While demonstrating national strength, these national treasures have also led China's economy to embark on a new round of transformation and upgrading

set a new record for intelligent manufacturing in China

at 1:40 a.m. on August 16, the world's first quantum science experiment satellite "Mozi" independently developed by China was launched, realizing quantum communication between satellite and ground for the first time in the world. This will be the largest and safest communication network in history

"the world's first quantum satellite will bring new hope to global digital communication security", "this will make a major breakthrough in anti hacker communication technology", "this is very likely to replace today's communication technology" - the global media are generous in praise

in the first year of the 13th five year plan, China's major engineering innovation fields have received frequent good news: the "Shenwei Taihu light" made of China's own chips won the world supercomputer champion; The 4500 meter autonomous submersible "Qianlong II" successfully completed its first dive in the ocean; Dark matter particle detection satellite "Wukong" successfully completed its 3-month in orbit test; The first microgravity scientific experiment satellite "shijian-10" successfully completed a 12 day space flight with samples taken out; The first 1-meter resolution radar remote sensing satellite "Gaogao 3" was successfully launched; The first self-designed and built large passenger container ship was successfully launched... From the accumulation of quantity to a qualitative leap, from imitation to catch-up to competition on the same platform, a series of major projects continue to set new records for China's intelligent manufacturing

"a series of major engineering projects implemented this year focus on the major strategic needs of the country and strive to break through key core technologies, which will surely seize the strategic commanding heights related to national competitiveness and greatly enhance the comprehensive strength of the country." Li Jin, chief researcher of China Enterprise Research Institute, believes that the speed of major engineering innovation launched this year has significantly accelerated, the gold content of science and technology has significantly increased, and the international influence has significantly increased

open a new driving force for economic growth

in the first year of the 13th five year plan, a large number of major projects set sail to adapt to and grasp the new normal of economic development, promote supply side structural reform, lead and drive industrial development, and become a new driving force for China's economic growth

statistics show that China will complete more than 20 space launch missions in 2016, creating a new launch record. The implementation of major aerospace projects and projects has driven the development of a number of new technologies, including communication technology, information technology, material technology, and new manufacturing and processing technologies, and has led to a number of new growth points in China's economic transformation stage

the ag600, a domestic large amphibious aircraft, has come off the assembly line a few days ago, which is the first large-scale civil aircraft for special purposes developed in China. Don't underestimate this aircraft. It can draw 12 tons of water at a time in 20 seconds, and achieve a single fire-fighting area of more than 4000 square meters; The water rescue can be carried out in the 2-meter-high waves, and the speed is more than ten times that of the rescue ship. "There are more than 50000 structural and system parts and nearly 1.2 million standard parts in the whole aircraft. 98% of the structural and system parts are provided by domestic suppliers. At this time, 90% of the airborne finished products with advanced air inlet, acoustic processing and electric reverse thrust devices are domestic products. After it is put into use in the future, it will greatly drive the relevant industrial chain to upgrade to the high end." The relevant person in charge of AVIC told

the unmanned vehicle realizes automatic driving under complex road conditions; Robots have expanded from industrial applications to service industries; IOT goes from concept to people's families... With the rise of the new economy represented by informatization and digitalization, major engineering construction aims at the direction of the world's scientific and Technological Development and industrial reform, opens new ideas, looks for breakthroughs, and actively seizes future development opportunities

"promoting the implementation of these major engineering projects can not only expand effective investment and boost effective demand, but also increase effective supply, promote the transformation of kinetic energy and structural optimization, which will effectively support the evolution of the economy to a higher-level form, a more optimized division of labor, and a more reasonable structure, so as to maintain medium and high-speed economic growth and move towards the medium and high-end level." Hu Zucai, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said

enhance people's sense of gain

as an important support for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, major engineering projects have greatly promoted social development, benefited people's livelihood, and made people feel real benefits

Zhengzhou Xuzhou high-speed railway, Chongqing Wanzhou high-speed railway, Qingdao Rongcheng intercity... In the first year of the 13th five year plan, several high-speed railway lines were opened, shortening the region, which will also give the extruder industry an endless distance between development momentum and become an "acceleration" to change people's lives; Urban rail construction ushered in a peak period. By the end of August this year, 43 major urban rail transit projects had been started across the country, with a planned mileage of about 8600 kilometers; The "appearance" of Beijing new airport is beginning to bloom, and the convenient boarding mode and garden waiting experience under construction have become the new expectations of passengers

China's nuclear energy sector has developed rapidly. In the first half of this year, China's nuclear power generation increased by 26.5% year-on-year. This kind of clean energy with huge energy can not only bring electricity to society, but also provide a new means for mankind to fight cancer

a considerable number of key projects are concentrated on the short board of improving people's livelihood. The list of basic public service projects, the action plan for promoting employment, the action plan for social care, key projects for poverty eradication, and engineering projects in education, health, culture, environmental protection and other fields will directly enhance the people's sense of happiness and gain

data show that by the end of September this year, 11 major engineering packages have completed a total investment of 7033.5 billion yuan, and 48 special projects and 407 projects have been started

if the implementation of the 13th five year plan is compared to a huge ship, then its major project is its engine, driving the huge ship of China's economy to break the waves in the right direction

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