The hottest major projects in Jinning were signed

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On March 19, Jinning District, Kunming held a ceremony for the centralized signing and commencement of major projects in the first quarter of 2021. 10 projects were launched, covering modern logistics, agricultural science and technology, leisure tourism, urban transformation, business centers, livelihood projects and other fields; Five projects were signed, involving health care, education, manufacturing and other fields. The total investment reached 22billion yuan

10 centralized projects are: Chuncheng four seasons business center project, guanyunfu (phase II) project, Dianchi Nanwan phase I n plot project, Jinju warehousing and logistics center project, oolong cut flower green and efficient production technology integration demonstration base construction project, Jinning District cut flower green and efficient technology integration demonstration Baofeng base construction project, Hongshan 500 mu bulbous flower demonstration park construction project according to the actual situation of economic development zone and base enterprises Kunming Jinning District kindergarten new construction project, Jinning state owned building government service center upgrading and reconstruction project, Kunming Jinning District Jincheng area urban shanty town reconstruction (rich resettlement sites) project

5 centralized contracted projects are: qingshanke industry and trade health care (community) construction project, Dianchi international education ecological town project, FMCG environmental protection packaging project, probiotics, essence and spices project, phosphorus resource efficient green classification comprehensive utilization project. Among them, Kunming Yongyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Changle Experimental Middle School of 271 Education Technology Group Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on the settlement of "Dianchi international education ecological town" with "the nature of chemical materials such as Dianchi international education school is very stable"

Jinning district has always taken investment attraction and project construction as a breakthrough to accelerate development and enrich the people and strengthen the District, as the endogenous driving force of economic growth. With a sound legal environment, an open policy environment, an honest humanistic environment, a high-quality service environment and a stable social environment, Jinning District welcomes guests from all over the world and attracts businessmen from all over the world. A number of major projects have been settled in Jinning, further optimizing the industrial structure of Jinning district and promoting industrial upgrading, Expanding the economic aggregate and accelerating the formation of a growth pole and a new engine that will help make full use of the fluorite resources and production advantages of our province to promote the economic development of the region has produced a positive and far-reaching impact on the party secretary zhangzhixiang

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