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Big signal! More than 800 auto repair shops in Nanjing have switched to water-based paint this year

major signal! This year, more than 800 auto repair shops in Nanjing will fully switch to water-based paint

April 19, 2017

[China paint information]

this year, Nanjing will carry out special treatment of volatile organic compounds pollution, requiring more than 800 motor vehicle maintenance units in the city to completely prohibit the use of oil-based paint that will cause volatile organic compounds emissions and switch to water-based paint. Yesterday, I visited some car repair shops. The biggest air pollutant in Nanjing in spring and summer is ozone. The emission of volatile organic compounds is the direct cause of ozone pollution. Last year, the air pollution caused by ozone in our city reached 56 days. In this year's air pollution prevention and control action plan, our city has a clear goal of reducing volatile organic compounds by 10%, because the air pollution days with excessive ozone should be controlled within 50 days. To this end, Nanjing will carry out more stringent special rectification of volatile organic compounds this year

there is an auto repair street in Yikang street, Jianye District, where many auto repair shops are concentrated. During the visit to Japan yesterday, some garage staff replied that they had begun to use water-based paint. According to the practitioners, the difference between water-based paint and oil-based paint is that water is used as diluent, which has less pollution and no peculiar smell; Oily paint uses organic solutions such as banana water as diluents, which will emit peculiar smell during drying. There is a fine repair shop near baijiahu in Jiangning District, which specializes in repairing high-end cars. According to the requirements of the environmental protection department, the shop is transforming the paint room and upgrading the gas treatment equipment. The garage said that it had been notified to replace oil paint with water-based paint, and the store would comply with the regulations

according to the environmental protection department, since last year, the environmental protection department has carried out touch and discharge of the city's repair garages, registering each repair garages in each district. In addition to not using oily paint, the repair garages are also required to completely close the paint rooms and install gas recovery and purification devices. The environmental protection department also plans to jointly enforce the law with relevant departments and punish open-air painting

the special treatment of volatile organic compounds emissions also includes the improvement of standards in the petrochemical industry, the oil and gas treatment and transformation of oil storage facilities such as Jinling Petrochemical and Yangzi Petrochemical, the completion of waste electronic experimental equipment in 150 key enterprises, and the regular protection and maintenance of vulnerable gas emissions; Carry out special rectification on the construction coating production industry and printing industry; Carry out oil and gas recovery at crude oil and refined oil terminals, etc

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