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IOT's major plan will be issued to lock in ten fields

the output value of smart electricity will reach 200billion yuan during the 12th Five Year Plan period

according to relevant experts, IOT will focus on investing in ten fields such as smart electricity, intelligent transportation and intelligent logistics. The total investment of smart electricity during the 12th Five Year Plan period is expected to reach 2trillion yuan, ranking first in the ten fields, and it is expected to form an industrial scale of core technology of 200billion yuan by 2015. It is reported that according to the original schedule, the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT will be issued around New Year's day

according to relevant experts, the ten key areas of IOT applications are intelligence, which will be favored by more and more businesses. Electricity, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, smart home, environment and safety testing, industry and automatic control, medical health, fine agriculture and animal husbandry, finance and services, national defense and military

among the ten fields, the total investment in smart electricity is the largest. It is reported that from 2009 to 2020, China's strong smart power will be developed in three stages, from the initial planning pilot stage to the comprehensive construction stage during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and the leading and upgrading stage during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The total investment in smart power construction is about 4trillion yuan. In is the planned comprehensive construction stage, with an investment of about 2trillion yuan, and the investment in the basic completion stage of smart electricity is 1.7 trillion yuan. It is expected that by 2015, 50 demonstration projects for IOT applications and 5 to 10 demonstration cities will be completed, forming an industrial scale of core technologies of 200 billion yuan, including 10 billion yuan for sensors, 70 billion yuan for system and test detection, 60 billion yuan for the industrial scale of chip, middleware, integrated module and equipment industry, and 60 billion yuan for project implementation, service development system and operation and maintenance

Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, said at the 2010 China International IOT (sensing) Expo on October 28 that the national 12th Five Year Plan has clearly proposed to develop the next generation of national infrastructure for broadband convergence security and promote the application of IOT. It is reported that the national development and Reform Commission has entrusted the Chinese Academy of engineering to organize experts to prepare the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT, and the Ministry of industry and information technology has also incorporated the IOT plan into the special plan of the 12th Five Year Plan, which is now being actively studied and promoted

it is also understood that at present, the market scale of intelligent transportation is growing at more than 100billion yuan every year. Experts say that the first line is to connect servers and computers. The 12th Five Year Plan predicts that the transportation management will reach 40billion yuan by 2015

experts also introduced that at present, the main project applications of smart electricity include remote monitoring of power equipment, operation state detection of power equipment, power dispatching application, etc. Intelligent transportation and intelligent logistics are mainly used in vehicle information communication, fleet management, commodity and cargo monitoring, interactive vehicle navigation, vehicle tracking and positioning, etc

extended reading: 4trillion IOT business opportunities in the next decade, the production of IOT will develop at a high speed

2010 wireless world and IOT conference will be held in Beijing. The participants gave quite optimistic expectations for the development of IOT industry in the next decade, and said that the multi-level capital market will play an important role in the early stage of industrial growth

wangzhonghong from the industrial economy research department of the development research center of the State Council said that this just meets the needs of car enterprises for material recycling and reuse. The industrial chain of IOT is very long. According to preliminary calculations, the investment in key application fields of IOT in the next decade can reach 4trillion, the output is 8trillion, and the employment driving effect is 25million

according to the Research Report of CCID consultants, a professional consulting organization, the overall market size of China IOT, including IC, sensors, software and other related industries, was only 200billion in 2010

Zhang Jianning, Secretary General of Zhongguancun IOT industry alliance and the Secretary General of Zhongguancun next generation Internet industry alliance, pointed out that although all the estimates about IOT are still unreliable, it is not difficult to imagine that in the next decade, the government, industry and personal home application market will become an important driving force for the development of IOT

Wang Zhonghong believes that the development of IOT needs the support of appropriate resource elements. From my personal point of view, the development of IOT, from the perspective of its core technology, may be easier to make breakthroughs in some regions with developed scientific and technological levels. Deng Shoupeng, executive director of China informatization promotion alliance, also believes that we can take an objective attitude towards IOT, and the southeast coastal area should become the leading area for the development of IOT. (Shanghai Stock Exchange)

car service is expected to make a major breakthrough during the 12th Five Year Plan period

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, relevant application fields have also attracted more and more market attention. Huangxiaoqing, President of China Mobile Research Institute, said yesterday that the informatization applications formed under the drive of intelligent terminals will make breakthroughs during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and the most likely breakthrough is car couplets

td provides multiple guarantees for the development of IOT. The 12th Five Year Plan has identified five major directions of informatization, and put strengthening the guidance of planning policies into the first item. It is expected that the whole sector of IOT will undoubtedly be supported by policies. However, in addition to policies, independent innovation technology also provides a guarantee for the development of China IOT

zhaolijun, President of Wuxi IOT Research Institute of China Mobile, said at the 2010 (fourth) mobile Internet international symposium that IOT is an industry with great potential and new opportunities for operators, and the independent innovation of TD provides multiple guarantees for the development of IOT

Zhao Lijun pointed out that the main R & D force of TD is in China, and it is gradually mature and stable, laying the foundation for the development of IOT. At present, from chips to equipment, domestic manufacturers have become major suppliers in the industrial chain, covering from system to application. At the same time, the entire evolution path from TD-SCDMA to TD-LTE is now very clear, providing a network guarantee for the future broadband IOT applications and ensuring the technological progressiveness

car service is most likely to make a breakthrough

for the development of mobile Internet during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Huang Xiaoqing predicts that the informatization application formed under the drive of intelligent terminals is most likely to make a breakthrough during the 12th Five Year Plan period

he believes that the above applications are mainly manifested in three areas: first, using mobile to work, and using mobile to realize the informatization of enterprises, governments and education; Second, use the future mobile Internet to realize IOT and realize special applications, such as medical treatment, industrial facility control, etc; Third, car couplets

I think the car union is the most likely to make a breakthrough. If every car is equipped with mobile terminals and IOT sensors, it is equivalent to the standard safety belt and air bag in the car. This will have a great and far-reaching significance for the future development and impact of China. Huang Xiaoqing said

as one of the most promising components of IOT, the social and economic effects brought by car service will play an important role in the process of China's economic transformation and the cultivation of new industries. At present, the development of China's car service has been based on technology, market and system

analysts at CSC Securities said that in the process of building car couplets, in addition to cars, the main elements also include various sensors for data acquisition, data transmission networks, application platforms for data processing, application terminals, and the operation of various services. From the perspective of the path of industrial development and the size of the future market, it is expected that automotive electronics and service platforms, mainly sensors and application terminals, will be the most important investment areas in the development process of car service

it is understood that the listed companies that currently have businesses related to car service mainly include NavInfo, soft control shares, Yinjiang shares, Qiming information, communications technology development, Wantong high tech, Yiyang Xintong and Baoxin software

securities companies: IOT focuses on eight companies

IOT is one of the market hotspots this year. How do you view the development prospects of this industry? Which companies deserve attention

the IOT research group of Guolian Securities said that the national medium and long-term information technology will focus on IOT, covering various key technologies from the perception layer, the network layer to the application layer. It is optimistic about the three levels of IOT architecture: first, in terms of industrial applications, it is optimistic about intelligent communication and Security closely related to people's livelihood; Secondly, in terms of industry informatization, we are optimistic about the rapid popularization speed of industries with low informatization degree; Finally, in terms of network foundation and integrated circuit, we are optimistic about the two subdivisions of optical communication and integrated circuit packaging. Guolian Securities said that relevant companies mainly focus on Shiji information, Guanglianda, brilliant technology, Yinjiang shares, communications technology development, Hikvision, Tongfu wechat, rihai communication, etc

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