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------------------------------------------------------------- it was shocked by the shiny and smooth surface highly similar to the original material ----

people familiar with the printing market know that as a color inkjet printer launched for commercial users, Epson C67 relies on "massive" black ink design With the best plain paper printing effect and ultra-low use cost, the sales volume has been rising since wending market, and has won an excellent reputation among users. It has become the first choice of office printing for small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, driven by C67, "color business" became a common practice for a while. However, with the innovation and development of technology, the famous C67 is about to retire. Who will fill the blank of business printing after the delisting of C67? Which product dares to carry out "post handover" with the C67 shrouded in countless halos

I believe that Epson's "troop deployment" this time has surprised many people, because in the eyes of many people, the me series has always been regarded as a patent in the household consumption market. In fact, as people expected, taking advantage of the strong brand appeal of the me series and the popular "affordable, affordable" consumption concept, the me2, which was launched soon, has been warmly pursued by household users, and its sales have soared, Many of the secondary buyers are loyal fans of the me brand, which shows the unprecedented success of Epson's me brand strategy. However, if me2 is only defined in the category of home dedicated computer, it is somewhat overqualified

it is reported that the noise is low. Although me2 and ME1 belong to the same me series, the predecessor of me2 is not ME1, but based on the design and development of the printing structure of the commercial model C67. In terms of imaging quality and printing speed, me2 is better than C67, and ME1 cannot be compared. According to Epson's original intention, me2 is a higher-grade product than ME1, and at the same time, it shoulders the responsibility of fighting in the business printing market. The reason why it is named "me2" is probably to take advantage of "me", a famous brand in the market. However, it is concluded that me2 is the "upgraded version" of me1. It is indeed a bit of a grievance for this experienced me2. It is better to say that me2 is the successor of C67

product specification printing mode nozzle quantity configuration number of black ink head nozzles

me1 + micro piezoelectric printing technology 93 48

me2 micro piezoelectric printing technology 177 90

c67 micro piezoelectric printing technology 177 90

number of color ink head nozzles maximum resolution minimum ink drops

15 × 3 colors 2880 × 720dpi 3 μ L

29 × 3 colors 5760 × 1440dpi 3 microliters

29 × 3 colors 5760 × 1440dpi 4 microliter

a4 black text printing speed A4 color text printing speed printing interface

about 12 pages per minute about 5.4 pages per minute usb

about 22 pages per minute about 12 pages per minute usb2.0

about 17 pages per minute about 9 pages per minute usb2.0

however, since Epson has "allocated" me2 to the me family known for "affordable and affordable", it still wants to win the market through the "economy", So how can me2, which not only retains the excellent "performance" lineage of C67, but also comes down in one continuous line with me, make a difference to users

first of all, from the perspective of hard indicators, according to the comparison of the technical data in the above figure, me2 not only completely overwhelms ME1 +, but also has a thinner ink drop size and faster printing speed than C67: on the one hand, the introduction of the breakthrough accurate micro piezoelectric technology ensures that 5760 × At the same time of 1440dpi high-precision printing, it can also accurately control the ink drop size and adjust the ink position. The minimum 3 microliters of ultra-fine ink drops, combined with photo ink quality and leading image automatic optimization technology, have achieved the high quality of me2 delicate printing. On the other hand, the improvement of me2's printing speed is also impressive. Black and white printing is 22 pages per minute, and color printing is 12 pages per minute, realizing rapid printing in a real sense. The resulting comprehensive performance advantage is by no means trivial. Therefore, according to the current configuration of me2, in addition to general household use, even small and medium-sized business offices are more than enough

due to the unique gene of "low use cost" in the me family, another outstanding feature of me2 is its outstanding cost control. Because affordability is only the first step, and affordability is the key. Me2 adopts an independent split ink cartridge design different from ME1 in product structure, which is a "special honor" for ordinary high-end printers. The greatest advantage of this cartridge design is to change the color after use, rather than like an integrated ink cartridge. When one color of ink is used up, it needs to be replaced. Therefore, it not only reduces ink waste to a great extent, but also greatly reduces the replacement frequency of ink cartridges, Thus, the consumption of consumables saved is also very considerable, especially for enterprise users with a large amount of printing, because there is a good saying: 1. Maximum static experimental force: 20KN; "Saving is better than using". Consumers with rich printing experience must have a deep understanding

with the rapid development of technology, the boundaries between household printers and commercial printers are no longer as clear as before. On the one hand, household users have higher and higher requirements for print quality in addition to paying attention to cost; On the other hand, for the users of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is not only necessary for the printer to have strong and stable performance, but also for the appearance design to be able to integrate harmoniously with the modern office environment. From this point of view, the beautiful and intelligent me2 can be called a choice to have the best of both worlds, and then successfully replace C67 as the new favorite of home office, business printing will be a natural thing, I'm sure we won't wait too long for the scene of cheering and cheering

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