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"Grass root" double dressed construction machinery refitting road

"grass root" double dressed construction machinery refitting road

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Guide: as the most dynamic and most open industry in China's machinery industry, the birth, rise and development of construction machinery are deeply rooted in the folk forces. Among them, there is such a person who, although his behavior is different from the mainstream values, has also become a valuable specimen of the diversified development of the industry

as the most dynamic and open market industry in China's machinery industry, the birth, rise and development of construction machinery are deeply rooted in folk forces

among them, there is a person whose behavior is different from the mainstream values, but has also become a valuable specimen of the diversified development of the industry

"grassroots" refers to the vulnerable stratum corresponding to the mainstream, elite culture or elite stratum. They are like grass on the roadside, which is difficult to attract the attention and love of people like flowers

Yi chengshuang, an ordinary farmer in his early 40s, was born in Jixi mining area, Heilongjiang Province. 20 years ago, he came up with the idea of refitting the loader to support his family and live a good life. The reason why we had to refit by ourselves was that it was unrealistic for individuals to buy a loader at that time, but Yi chengshuang heard that it was very profitable for loaders to work in the mine. Therefore, he borrowed money and bought a scrapped agricultural small loader with 2500 yuan

although I have driven a tractor, it is even more difficult for Yi chengshuang, who has only a fifth grade education, to transform what is called a loader. Like similar stories, Yi chengshuang was ridiculed by people around him, saying that he was crazy. With his dedication to changing his life, he went to the provincial capital to find bookstores to buy professional books, inquire about the second-hand market and look for old parts everywhere. It took more than 30000 yuan to make the loader's boom, bucket, cab and even refit the hydraulic system. After the assembly, Yi chengshuang drove his loader to the mine

however, it was a bad start. After a while, his loader could not work, and his clothes fell to the bottom of his life. He wanted to make money to start his dream of a good day, but it seemed to have come to naught. Fortunately, he did not put aside the fact that the relevant innovative technology would directly affect the environmental protection, durability, comfort, thermal insulation and other performance of the product. He regrouped and started several modifications and tests until he could finally work on the mountain. Later, Yi chengshuang used the loader to earn back the capital, paid off the loan and opened a repair shop

when the story comes to this point, the hero seems to be able to start a stable and prosperous life. However, in fact, Yi chengshuang has turned himself into a poor man at the beginning, and owes a lot of foreign debt that constitutes a shock until today

after the first "success", Yi chengshuang continued to refit the second and third sets, and became more and more fascinated. At present, the main electronic testing machines of the factory include: LCD electronic tensile testing machine and microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine. If the refitting of the first loader is entirely on the spur of the moment, the refitting of the second and third loaders has placed more expectations on Yi chengshuang, and it is from the second and third loaders that what he has done can be truly called "refitting"

In 1997, Yi chengshuang's second 1.5T loader was refitted successfully. The engine is changed from eddy current injection to direct current injection, which makes it more flexible to start; The fulcrum of the hydraulic cylinder on the boom has also been refitted, and the digging force and operation efficiency of the machine have been significantly improved; The wheel base is widened, greatly improving the stability of the whole vehicle; The operating system has been changed from 4-lever to 2-lever, which improves the convenience of operation. In addition, the second refitted loader adopts a full glass cab, which has a wide view and beautiful appearance. This loader has been compared with a 3-ton product produced by an enterprise, and its operating efficiency is actually better than that of the comparison product. The workers on the construction site even suspected that the loaders in pairs were imported products, which undoubtedly gave him great confidence and a sense of achievement

since then, he has also begun to attend industry exhibitions and exchanges as a "Grass-roots" expert and a "master of modification" and applied for a number of patents, including rear wheel steering technology of loaders, dual steering device of wheel loaders, rollover cab, full floating cab, etc. However, his "grassroots" fate has not been reversed. His patent has not been paid much attention so far, and the cost of refitting for many years is huge, and he has carried a lot of foreign debt

a few years ago, Yi chengshuang took his wife and children to Yantai, Shandong, and settled here until now. However, he never talked about the reasons for "running away from home". In Yantai, Yi chengshuangkai has set up a construction machinery repair factory, which is actually a roadside stall

in Beijing bices2011 this year, Yi chengshuang came and brought his own modified third loader. Although there were many twists and turns in participating in the exhibition as an individual, the trip was made at the last moment with the help of the association. Driving nearly 800 kilometers, Yi chengshuang appeared at the exhibition site on time

located in the southwest corner of the exhibition hall, next to the public toilet, on a vacant land of about 10 square meters, a glass coffee table and several small plastic stools brought from home are surrounded by a small loader with slightly rough workmanship and colorful painting... This is the booth in pairs

he said that he also came to the previous exhibitions, but did not appear as an exhibitor. This is the first time, and there is a feeling that dreams are reflected in reality. But he has an ultimate goal, that is, to take his modified machine to the world's largest construction machinery Expo - BMW exhibition in Germany. Yi chengshuang said that he wanted to show foreigners the innovative ability of a Chinese farmer

"grassroots" experts or "experts in refitting", Yi chengshuang is actually the same one, speaking northeast dialect and wearing simple farmhouse clothes. He claimed to be obsessed with the refitting of loaders and vowed to compete with foreign investors. He could talk freely about the "internal difficulties and foreign aggression" of the industry, and occasionally could not help but express some extreme personal views. However, Yi chengshuang may be destined to be just this Yi chengshuang. His motivation to "contribute to the industry due to interest" has also been questioned. Is his so-called multiple "patents" feasible, can they be put into commercial production, and how safe? In fact, it also needs professional appraisal

however, this is the "grassroots culture" of China's construction machinery industry, and it is also a force that can not be ignored

I can't tell whether it's his appearance or his speech and behavior. He looks very much like Wang Xu, the lead singer of "rising sun and masculinity" on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. Art is boundless. Singers should have no class; Technology is limitless, and those who can do it should not ask the source. May your dreams come true

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