The most popular way to reuse express cartons

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Let one express carton be reused

release date: 2019- the remaining plates continue to be rolled source: Jianghai evening news

"double 11" is a good time to stock up a lot, which also causes the number of express cartons to rise. How to deal with cartons and realize green environmental protection has become a difficult problem. Recently, the "Green Ark" Environmental Protection Association of Nantong University held the activity of replacing cartons with green plants with the theme of "box return plan" at the "rookie station" of Nantong University. A total of 1200 cartons, the top consumer of wood plastic composite new materials, will be recycled in this activity

in the past, when the "double 11" came, many express cartons were piled up in the garbage cans of Nantong University. These cartons were discarded at random, which not only occupied space, but also caused a waste of resources. According to zhuxiaoqi, head of the "Green Ark" environmental protection society of Nantong University, this activity is sponsored by the China Environmental Protection Foundation and organized by the "Green Ark" environmental protection society of Nantong University. It aims to let everyone know that cartons have great recycling value and reduce the pressure of adhesive tapes on the living environment

students will send the collected cartons to the recycling point. When a certain number of cartons are reached, they can receive a green plant or postcard. According to statistics, about 1200 cartons were collected and 105 postcards and 150 pots of green plants were sent out

it is reported that in addition to Nantong, this activity is also carried out in 10 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. It is estimated that tens of millions of cartons will be recycled, which is equivalent to reducing the cutting of nearly 100000 trees

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