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Select the correct rip for the production and printing environment. In the production and printing environment, selecting the correct Rip is the key to quality output. Printing enterprise managers discuss that the internal managers of the enterprise should carefully consider when purchasing rip, including the differences between functions and various rip structures. Using the wrong rip will make the digital printing equipment mismatched with the production of specific applications

most printing equipment will have rip or be directly connected to rip, so buyers have no choice. However, some of the more advanced printing technologies, including color copiers/printers, large format printers and digital color printers, support a large number of different rip, and use these devices to obtain quality output. Enterprise managers carefully select rip, which supports their needs and application types

what is rip

simply speaking, rip converts print data into raster images or dots, so that inkjet printers or laser output devices can print on paper. Rip is located at the end of the production workflow before printing, where it receives printing data in descriptive language or in the form of vector images. For example, a language like postscript page description contains instructions for printing purposes and where to print on a page. Rip converts the postscript command'linedraw'into linear points and places them on the page according to the specified coordinates

in addition, rip for color printing equipment is responsible for accurate color reproduction. First, rip must translate the color of each element on the page. Then, it converts the color related information into color patterns and sends them to the printer for printing

how to select rip

the first and foremost consideration is the structure of rip. For example, do you need a software rip or a combination of software/hardware offerings? Or, do you need a rip

the second thing to consider is the functionality of rip. How fast do you need rip images? What level of color management do you need? And, of course, the fact that sunlight can drive the movement of such graphene materials is also a factor to be considered

rip structure

the combined hardware/software Rip is provided in the whole software package. It includes a computer (usually proprietary) and R to achieve good results. It is a very important problem IP software. In a given software package, software and hardware are optimized to deliver the best results and performance. Some hardware Rip can be upgraded, but they need special components, such as memory

software Rip is a simple software, which is responsible for image conversion. PC, MAC and UNIX workstations can be provided, and software rip allows users to select their own computer system. The advantage of software Rip is that users can upgrade their computers through standard components or buy new computers together. The disadvantage is that the software and hardware are not optimized at the same time. Therefore, the performance level is not the same as that of proprietary systems

network rip - some hardware rip provides a computer card that can be placed in a digital printer, reducing the amount of hardware that must be purchased and stored in horizontal space. However, network Rip can only support one output device, and they are difficult to upgrade

page description language support - although postscript is the most extensive page description language in the production environment, you can use the application software to generate other file types, such as PDF, tiff or other proprietary formats, to ensure that the selected Rip can support all file types required by the application software

printer support - although specific companies need special rip, enterprises and printing companies for payment should look for Rip that can support multiple printers. Such Rip is very suitable for complex environments - for example, those that use a combination of color copiers and large format printers. In addition, by using one rip to support multiple printers, the cost of rip will be spread to multiple needs

rip function

speed is the key to enterprises and fast printing companies. Although the total speed of rip depends on computer hardware and software, some factors - Example 5, the use of optional computer interfaces such as color and resolution - also affect the speed of processing an independent work. Evaluate the speed of a rip, use examples that can represent typical and complex applications, and track the whole process. How long does it take to rip and print a document? How long does it take to print multiple copies? Wait

color conversion - images generated by the scanner are displayed in RGB color space on the computer monitor and then printed on CMYK pages. At some point in the production process, these images must be converted from RGB to CMYK format. If the workflow requires rip to perform such conversion, check its functions. For accurate color, rip must provide a user interface that allows specialized operations to adjust the color conversion process based on image type and expected output

the color management system allows different types of equipment to represent or correct, so that the printing color is as close as possible to the desired color. In order to support color management, rip should accept industry standard small size description files and color compensation libraries. Rip should also allow the user to adjust the gradient curve for each color, and ideally, allow the curve to be adjusted after the file rip, which allows the user to control the final output without returning to the production process

storage performance - because Rip is the last step before printing, and because the imaging process is very time-consuming, the ability to save a rip file is very important. If the printer gets stuck or the document has to be reprinted, reprinting the rip document is the fastest way. Rip must have a large hard disk to store rip files and an interface that allows users to quickly select and reprint rip files

calculation and reporting - in local and large-scale networks, color devices can be stored for a large number of users, and rip acts as a control point. It can record each file received and track the number of copies and page generation. The stronger computing feature allows network administrators or printing enterprise managers to feed back according to the use of departments or value centers


a rip can cost% of the total cost of the digital printing industry, because it determines the scope of application. A good Rip is worth investing in

remember that rip technology is updated every 9 to 12 months, so the best bet is to plan ahead. As far as experience is concerned, purchasing a rip should not only meet the needs of current functions, but also meet the needs of the next nine months at least. Or, if you can procrastinate, you will find that a product can better meet the needs by lowering its price in a year

noteworthy trends

at present, there are more manufacturers producing software rip than hardware rip. One of the main reasons behind this is that software Rip can take advantage of the changes in the computer market - such as Dell, HP and apple - faster than hardware rip, which is what you should consider when selecting rip suitable for your environment

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