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See how the world's packaging giants play with the era of packaging innovation release date: Source: Internet editor: lychee Views: 1011 copyright and disclaimer core tips: after more than 20 years of development, China's packaging industry has entered a stagflation stage, with sharp decline in industry profits and intensified reshuffle. In order to get rid of the current dilemma, some leading packaging enterprises try to find answers from the aspect of innovation

[China Packaging News] after more than 20 years of development, China's packaging industry has entered a stagflation stage, with sharp decline in industry profits and intensified reshuffle. In order to get rid of the current difficulties, some leading packaging enterprises try to find answers from the aspect of innovation

to the shame of many packaging enterprises, Dell, a non packaging manufacturing enterprise, has taken the lead in the future of innovation driven enterprises

for some time, glass fiber reinforced plastics were also replaced with metal and wood materials. Dell has been trying to use mushrooms as packaging. Mushrooms are edible, so why not make an edible packaging material? This is an innovative idea. Under the guidance of this concept, Dell has been trying to use natural materials and innovative technologies for packaging in recent years. Last summer, Dell's packaging materials research team won a gold award

Dell's another innovative packaging material based environmental protection and sustainability

Dell's question before developing bamboo packaging is: what is the fastest growing plant in the world? For example, can it grow in a few hours? On the basis of these problems, we have done a lot of in-depth research, and then bamboo packaging was born. At that time, there were few innovative and environmentally friendly packaging such as bamboo packaging in the industry, but now it has been widely used. Now, the rigidity, impact resistance, creep resistance and chemical resistance of modified plastics have been breakthrough improved

Dell is now preparing to start using wheat stalks and straw as packaging materials. As we all know, the burning of wheat stalks and straw is an environmental headache in China. Farmers can't deal with it. Burning in many areas has caused environmental pollution. Next week, we will go to the factory in Yangzhou to convert wheat stalks into packaging materials through research and development with our partners. As we all know, it is difficult to decompose chemical packaging, and the product life cycle is very short. So we thought of imitating the digestion of cattle in degrading packaging materials and developed this more environmentally friendly packaging

how Dell solves the cost problem of developing new environmentally friendly materials

in the packaging industry, cost is a very important factor and one of the five major factors that must be considered in the development of innovative materials. To measure the cost-effectiveness of an innovative packaging, it is necessary to ensure that at least the cost of these new materials should be equal to or lower than some existing materials in the market

bamboo is actually a very good consideration. It will take about five years to complete the production. It is a very good replaceable material. The cost is not inestimable. At the same time, we have many other materials within the scope of our replacement materials

when talking about the comparative cost of packaging, Mr. Oliver Campbell, who is in charge of Dell's packaging materials R & D center, said that we should not grasp a single point for comparison, but look at the overall changes. Take plastics for example. We all know that plastics are made of petroleum, and the price of petroleum is constantly fluctuating. This process can not be compared with mushrooms. For example, high-performance modified plastics such as PC and peek are significantly used in electronic appliances. The price of oil has changed greatly in two years

bamboo is widely used in Dell's innovative materials. It is very competitive. Its price is basically the same as that of some existing materials. Of course, if it is reduced further, it may depend on the quantity. If the quantity is increased, the price will fall. The competition in this industry is very fierce, and the cost must be the key consideration

in addition, Dell also sees that the use of these replaceable materials is not only in the IT industry, but also in terms of cost and green environmental protection. Companies such as daily necessities or FMCG are also facing the same pressure as us. So we see that in this process, they are also using more and more innovative materials. More and more companies are involved. The scale is expanding, and the cost is naturally reduced

how does Dell develop innovative packaging materials

in response to this problem, Mr. Li said that there are actually two ways to make innovative new materials: one is that Dell itself has an innovative model that allows us to find some innovative technical solutions. For example, mushroom packaging and the plants we will put into operation next week, namely wheat stalks and straw, we will see whether the cost can be reduced to a level that is very helpful to the business. This is the model we developed with our partners

there is another one called cooperative R & D. Because many companies that invest in the research and development of new materials are small companies, we also know that Dell is a large company in the IT industry. We have also grown up from an entrepreneurial company. We can cooperate with them to cooperate with Dell in the solution of innovative materials, so that it can grow rapidly

Dell has reaped huge returns from innovative packaging

over the past few years, Dell has also gained a lot of benefits and achievements from green packaging. Overall, over the past few years, we have saved about 20million pounds of packaging materials, about 18million dollars. In addition to the economic benefits, it can be said that plastic can be seen everywhere. More importantly, this kind of green packaging has greatly enhanced Dell's brand image. "Weekly" will select the greenest company every year. Dell was almost the top five in the last five years. It should have been the fourth place last year, and it also won the first place before. Interbrand selected the 50 greenest companies, and Dell ranked among the top 10 in the past two years

in addition, customers' impression of Dell has changed, because today's customers are increasingly asking a question: are you a green energy-saving company? Of course, there are various sustainable development strategies and measures in this process, in which the green packaging team plays an important role

also believes that in the IT industry, good packaging can promote sales growth. For example, when selling products, product packaging can actually bring customers' feelings and impressions about the company, which is related to customers' experience. Because when the customer gets the product, the first contact is the packaging, which is the interface for communicating with the customer

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