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See how China's equipment reaches the top of the world -- the record of the leapfrog development of Shenyang Machine Tool Group

Lijia assembly site of Zoje Lijia Business Department of Shenyang machine tool group. Photo by Shen Ji

in only 9 years, in the extremely competitive machine tool industry, from the unknown 36 to the top of the world, this is Shenyang Machine Tool Group

at the beginning of 2012, a news shocking the world machine tool industry came from the authoritative investigation organization Gardner company of the United States: in 2011, Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. completed sales of 18billion yuan, and the main business scale of Shenyang Machine Tool leaped to the first in the world

the 36th place in the world in 2002; In 2011, the sales revenue of the same industry ranked first in the world

as a representative enterprise of China's equipment and made in China, with the attention of the central leadership and the full support of Liaoning Province and Shenyang City, we have found a way to build a modern state-owned enterprise with Chinese characteristics, a way to upgrade China's intelligent manufacturing, a way to expand the machine tool industry and become a world-class enterprise. Guanxiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, said

an expert in industrial economy once commented that: various signs show that China's innovation resources are gradually mature and begin to enter the active period of scientific and technological innovation activities. In the field of machine tools, it has changed from technology imitation to relying mainly on independent innovation for development, and then challenged the world on the commanding heights of industrial development

from industry tracking to technology independence:

walk out of the road of the rise of traditional enterprises that are both large and strong

as the mother machine of the manufacturing industry, the importance of machine tools is self-evident. However, China's machine tool industry has been in the stage of technology imitation for a long time, trying to catch up with world-class enterprises and seeking to break through the technical blockade of developed countries

2020 or a longer period will still be an important period for China's industrialization, urbanization and information development, which provides an unparalleled market in the world. In this big market, Chinese local enterprises with favorable timing and location should have greater achievements and become a big stage for innovation in China's equipment manufacturing industry. In the important period of China's industrialization, the machine tool industry must complete two major historical missions, the first is to cultivate strong independent innovation ability, and the second is to cultivate leading enterprises with global competitiveness. An expert in Industrial Economics said so

in fact, we do not lack large-scale machine tool enterprises, but large but not strong is a chronic disease. The equipment manufacturing industry has also been hollowing out, and there is no world-class leading enterprise in the machine tool industry

the burden falls almost indiscriminately on the shoulders of Shenyang machine tool workers. Shenyang Machine Tool Group has become a world-class leading enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Guanxiyou said. In recent years, Shenyang Machine Tool Group is cracking these chronic diseases of China's equipment manufacturing industry through technological breakthrough, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading

without independent core technology, it is impossible to have core competitiveness. CNC system is known as the brain of CNC machine tools, accounting for quite high cost of CNC machine tools, some even as high as 30% 50%. If we can not solve the industrialization of CNC system, we will not be able to break through the core problem of machine tool industry made in China

2009 is a historical node for overcoming difficulties. Shenyang Machine Tool Group has fully established a unique three-tier system of CNC system research and development, industrialization and application, forming a trinity pattern of enterprise oriented, open and international research and development system. The State Key Laboratory of high-end CNC machine tools, which is based on Shenyang machine tools, is the only state-level key laboratory in the domestic machine tool industry set up in enterprises. Led by Shenyang Machine Tool Group, the CNC machine tool industry technology innovation alliance, jointly established with 8 enterprises and 6 institutes, focuses on breaking through key common technologies, aiming to improve the level of major equipment and new technologies, so as to promote Shenyang Machine Tool Group to accelerate the strategic adjustment of product structure, create world-class products, establish world-class brands, and form a unique competitive advantage

in 2011, Shenyang machine tool group made breakthrough progress. This year, Shenyang machine tool group broke through the monopoly of developed countries and historically conquered the core technology of CNC system. After five years of research and development by the scientific research team and hundreds of millions of yuan of huge investment, the Feiyang CNC system of Shenyang machine tool has finally realized industrialization. At Nanjing International Machine Tool Exhibition in the first half of this year, five products of Feiyang CNC system independently developed by Shenyang machine tool group have intelligent and customized functions such as feature programming, graphic diagnosis and real-time monitoring of machine tools, which are favored by the market. This is the first intelligent machine tool in the world, and it has the international leading level. An expert from the machine tool association commented

on August 9 this year, under the personal initiative of the central leadership, the construction of Shenyang machine tool intelligent equipment training base was officially launched. Shenyang machine tool provided 20 sets of intelligent equipment (CNC lathes) equipped with Feiyang CNC system for 10 colleges and universities, including Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of technology, Huazhong University of science and technology, Dalian University of technology and Northeast University. It is estimated that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, an order of 10000 sets of Feiyang CNC machine tools will be formed

from technology tracking to technology leading, scientific and technological innovation has transformed Shenyang machine tool group. At present, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has formed an OEM general machine tool manufacturing industry group consisting of 19 Enterprises with an annual output of 50000 sets and a scale of 3billion. The first sales revenue in the world means that we are the largest in the world. The next goal is to be the strongest in the world. Guanxiyou said

live step by step. The youthful Shenyang Machine Tool Group has freed up both hands to implement the smart Summit Plan for developing high-tech and low-cost products, formed a market-oriented and customer-oriented operation system, and has become an enterprise with the highest comprehensive profitability in the world

the rapid improvement of technology R & D capability, market acquisition capability and social resource cohesion capability has made Shenyang Machine Tool Group a big and strong rise path. In the systematic integrated innovation of technology, talents, R & D, market and so on, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has completed the genetic change and completed the wonderful leap to the first place in the world

breaking the international monopoly:

exploring the way to break through the encirclement of China's intelligent manufacturing

on December 28, 2011, the 2011 China independent innovation annual conference hosted by the economy was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. As the representative of innovative enterprises in China's machine tool industry, Shenyang Machine Tool Group won the title of China's top ten innovative enterprises. The conference evaluated Shenyang machine tool as a Chinese intelligent manufacturing model enterprise in the international science and technology pattern, which is moving forward from a comprehensive follower to a follower in some fields and closer to a leader in some fields

Bai Chunli, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a point at the annual meeting: looking at the world today, scientific and technological progress and innovation are the key to coping with the great changes in the world. The central government judged that during the whole 12th Five Year Plan period, the degradable ball screws in the express industry still had the highest accuracy, and the utilization ratio of green packaging materials would be increased to 50%. At the same time, it also faces uncertain risks

opportunities and risks coexist, especially in China's machine tool industry. In the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's machine tool industry was severely tested: the machine tool giants in Germany, Japan and other countries put down their positions, reduced their prices, seized the Chinese market with high-tech and low-cost products, and the market share of domestic high-end CNC machine tools continued to decline; The appreciation of the RMB and the continuous rise in the prices of energy and raw materials have made Chinese machine tool enterprises suffer. It is precisely because of this that Shenyang machine tool group can stand out as a representative enterprise of China's intelligent manufacturing in the first year of China's 12th Five Year Plan, and its breakthrough road is more courageous and wise

in 2003, we formed a core technical team. In the case of meager profits in the machine tool industry, we invested a huge sum of RMB 200million each year to explore silently through hardships. Finally, we broke through the long-term problem of numerical control system research that has plagued China's machine tool industry and completed a comprehensive breakthrough in independent technology. Guanxiyou said

the Shanghai Technology R & D center of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, established in 2007, has formed a scientific research team of three countries and four parties with Shenyang Computer Research Institute, Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan and FIDIA company of Italy, and finally formed the core technology of Feiyang motion control system with independent intellectual property rights, completely breaking the monopoly of Siemens and Fanuc in this field

2010 became a watershed in China's machine tool industry. At the 6th China CNC machine tool exhibition held in Nanjing, Shenyang machine tool group accumulated more than 10 years of technical advantages, and launched 25 categories of products at one fell swoop, including the world's first automatic boring machine, China's first brain Feiyang CNC system for machine tools, China's highest level vertical turning and milling center, and large movable beam gantry mobile machining center, which caused a sensation in the domestic and international machine tool industry

2011, at the 12th China International Machine Tool Exhibition held in Beijing, Shenyang Machine Tool Group launched 25 world-class products again. Every year, it can independently develop dozens of world-class products, which shows that Shenyang Machine Tool Group has become the most attractive scenic spot of China's intelligent manufacturing. An expert from China Machine Tool Industry Association commented

there is a law in the history of world industry that manufacturing powers will inevitably give birth to a powerful machine tool manufacturing enterprise, such as Siemens in Germany and Ge in the United States, which started by serving their own manufacturing industry. In the workshop of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, the strong pulse of China's manufacturing development is beating. In front of all kinds of high-end machine tool products produced in the workshop, the names of users include Weichai Power, Shaanxi Chonggao, Guangdong Fuhua and other leading Chinese manufacturing enterprises. One set of independently developed world-class CNC products has become the most vivid interpretation of the impact of made in China on the high-end of the world industrial chain. As the mother of China's manufacturing industry, Shenyang Machine Tool Group is providing a solid foundation and a springboard for Chinese manufacturing

layout the global market:

seek the way to surpass the first-class Chinese state-owned enterprises

each crisis contains greater opportunities. At present, the downward pressure of the world economy is increasing, and Shenyang Machine Tool Group is working hard to build a European base camp: build a high-level product design center in Berlin, and complete the renewal and replacement of all series of products in three years; Build a European oriented marketing and service center in Frankfurt, and establish a new model of German design, Shenyang manufacturing and global sales; Implement the transformation and upgrading in Germany heath branch, making it a high-end major product manufacturing center, a new product trial manufacturing center and a high-end precision functional component manufacturing center

since 2011, with the high attention and support of the state and Liaoning Province, Shenyang municipal Party committee and government have further clearly proposed that Shenyang should build a world-class equipment manufacturing base and realize the strategy of the second leap of Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry. The Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry promotion group has meticulously planned and held six special meetings, and studied and determined a series of action plans to build a world-class enterprise centered on the development of Shenyang machine tool industry

therefore, the strategic measures of Shenyang machine tool group have become more and more clear, and a new way to build a world-class enterprise has been found

break through the core technology and realize the leap to high-end manufacturing. It is necessary to have hard strength to support the world machine tool giants. Shenyang

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