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Saving money teaches you to repair minor glass cracks

at present, the utilization rate of cars is getting higher and higher. When the car owner is driving on the road, hard objects such as stones often hurt or break the windshield of the car, especially when driving on suburban roads. E. continue the experiment to increase a variety of situations In this case, car owners usually replace the whole windshield. In fact, the windshield can be repaired. If the crack is not large, it is understood that the strength of the repaired glass will not be greatly affected after repair. Generally, it can reach about 90% of the strength of the original glass, which will not affect the driving safety

how to repair automobile windshield

the repair method for slight glass cracks is to simply flatten the glass before construction, and then extract the air in the cracks or bullet marks with professional equipment to avoid forming bubbles in the glass. Next, inject resin glue into the cracks or bullet marks Since this resin adhesive can only solidify rapidly under ultraviolet radiation, it must be dried with an ultraviolet lamp after injection, and finally polished with a polishing agent. After repair, it will generally remain intact

six benefits of glass repair:

1 Prevent holes or cracks from expanding to ensure driving safety

2. No disassembly is required to avoid poor sealing and vehicle appearance damage caused by glass replacement

3. Reduce waste glass, in line with the trend of environmental protection

4. After repair, it is durable and can restore the original strength of the glass, and the clarity can reach more than 95%

5. On site construction, quick repair, saving time and trouble

6. It will save you money (the cost of changing the glass)

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