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Seeking overseas market breakthrough Shandong Lingong explored the African market

seeking overseas market breakthrough Shandong Lingong explored the African market

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Guide: under the leadership of CEO Yu Mengsheng, Shandong Lingong recently took the opportunity to participate in the 45th FIA exhibition in Algeria to conduct an in-depth investigation on the markets of Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and other countries in Africa, Explore the way for temporary workers to develop in the African market

under the leadership of CEO Yu Mengsheng, Shandong Lingong recently took the opportunity of participating in the 45th FIA exhibition in Algeria to conduct an in-depth investigation on the markets of Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and other countries in Africa to explore the development path of Lingong in the African market

"through in-depth communication and exchange with local government agencies, Chinese Commercial Counselors' offices in local areas, major enterprises and agents in various countries, as well as some local Chinese enterprises, temporary workers have a more comprehensive and detailed understanding and planning for the expansion of business in Africa, and have also preliminarily reached several major cooperation intentions." The person in charge of temporary work said

the "Africa Tour" plans to expand on a large scale

it is understood that although the itinerary of this temporary "Africa Tour" is very compact, it still has its own emphasis and fast running speed. As the first stop in Africa, the delegation took the opportunity of participating in the 45th FIA exhibition in Algeria to conduct a detailed field survey on the engineering trading market in Algiers, the capital of Algeria; At the same time, special talks on business development were also held with gogetp, an agent of cevitai group, the largest private enterprise in Afghanistan. On the first day of the exhibition, more than 10 orders were sold, laying a good start for the next trip to Africa

next, the delegation inspected key African markets such as Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Africa. In South Africa, Yu Mengsheng, stef Suan, head of Africa of Volvo Group, and other members of the delegation held a round table meeting with Babcock, the main local agent in South Africa, to discuss and agree on the further development of temporary work in South Africa. Yu Mengsheng said that emerging markets represented by the BRICs countries play a significant role in the overseas strategy of temporary workers. Temporary workers have made considerable progress in regional markets such as Russia, Brazil and India. Relatively speaking, the South African market is a late entrant with great potential. Temporary workers will have an in-depth discussion on how to further support the southern African market, so as to give maximum support to the South African market in terms of channels and brands

"this" Africa trip "with such a long temporary work time, such a large scale and such a tight schedule" It fully shows that after participating in Brazil's MT exhibition and Russia's CTT exhibition, temporary workers have focused their efforts in overseas markets on Africa. This is also another large-scale expansion of the international strategy of temporary construction with the BRICs market as the core. It can be said that in the game of competing for overseas market expansion, the game has reached the middle game. " An expert from China Construction Machinery Industry Association said

the killer mace of "border expansion" in Africa

the African market is of great significance to the implementation of the internationalization strategy of temporary workers, and how to "expand the border" in Africa is even more critical to the internationalization strategy of temporary workers

the equipment can measure all important electrical parameters in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase installation.

"from the experience of other overseas markets, especially the development of the Russian market, the" service winning "strategy should be the key factor in the implementation of the entire internationalization strategy." Zhi Kaiyin, deputy general manager and chief engineer of temporary engineering, said: "the" service winning "strategy mainly includes three parts:" product support "," post market "and" service support "

it is reported that the core of "product support" is mainly based on regional product managers. The regional product manager shall timely and carefully reach a communication and implementation channel between temporary workers and dealers through parts review, fault information submission, dealer demand feedback and other means

in the "post market", the dealers' interests are maximized by means of upgrading the parts warehouse, the most favorable warranty policy, and timely adjusting the inventory information; At the same time, it also improves the reputation and loyalty of temporary workers' brands by unifying other service clothes and exposing the unified brand logo

in terms of "service support", through the global technical training of "please come in and go out", the "three unifications" of "one hour reply, one day processing and one-time solution" in the customer service mailbox, the regular overseas visits of technicians and the promotion and implementation of the preparation of technical instructions in various languages, we can achieve "customized" service support for different markets around the world

internationalization strategy: from chess to the middle market

"influenced by the national macro-control, China's construction machinery market is experiencing the biggest" cold spring "in more than a decade. How to" survive the winter "has become the most important problem faced by major enterprises in the industry." An expert from the Construction Machinery Industry Association said, "from the early practice, the overseas market has become a new field for the game of major enterprises. The clear internationalization strategy, efficient execution speed and the presentation of sales data all show that temporary construction has become a benchmark enterprise for overseas market expansion."

it is understood that since the marriage between temporary workers and Volvo in 2007, internationalization strategy has been one of the most important strategies for temporary workers' development, and has been actively developing overseas markets through enterprise organizational structure adjustment, technology research and development, capital investment and other means

at present, temporary workers have successfully explored channels, set up offices and accelerated the process of enterprise localization in the world, especially in emerging markets represented by BRICs countries. According to relevant data, in 2010 and 2011, Lingong achieved the first in the industry in terms of the export volume of many products. At the same time, according to the sales data of the first six months of 2012, the export sales volume of Lingong products this year will still maintain a high-speed growth

"in 2012, temporary workers introduced the latest and best products of temporary workers to the world by participating in a series of exhibitions, such as M T exhibition in Brazil, CTT exhibition in Russia, FIA exhibition in Algeria, etc. in particular, through this" Africa trip "of temporary workers, after Brazil and Russia, the tentacles of temporary workers went deep into the African market. It can be said that it has made up a big weakness for temporary workers to explore the" BRICs "market." The relevant person in charge of temporary strategic planning department said

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