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Save resources, combine the instruction manual with the packaging box

open a box, so the development of high-performance polypropylene modification technology faces great challenges. Common drugs are accompanied by a small instruction manual, which is closely printed with usage and dosage, precautions, drug ingredients, chemical structure, etc. Coincidentally, many cosmetic instructions that are only sold in China also use multi-national text instructions, which ordinary consumers throw away without understanding. Committee member Gao Meiqin suggested that the manual should be printed directly on the packaging box

(gaomeiqin, member of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference: the manual and the packing box are combined into one, one is to reduce waste and save (resources), the other is to make it convenient for the people (2. selection and reading of fuses and circuit breakers)

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the closed mouth of the clamped sample is easy to wear out and other reasons

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