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Uncover how to formulate the NBA schedule: one person alone for 30 years, artificial intelligence intervention

Tencent sports news on August 11, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the NBA regular season schedule for the season. The new season will begin on October 17, and two games will be arranged on that day, namely, 76ers vs Celtics and warriors vs thunder

the details including the arrangement of Christmas War and the time points of key events have also been settled. The regular season of the new season will end on April 11th, 2019, lasting 176 days

nba's idea of constantly reducing the burden on players is once again reflected in the schedule. In the regular season, each team only needs to play 13.3 back-to-back games, setting a new low in NBA history. Last season, the number was 14.4, and in 2015, it was as high as 19.3

how is the NBA schedule arranged? How does the League reduce the burden on players every year

[at the end of the era of one man and one computer in 2014, wangzhonghui said it was over]

former senior vice president of the NBA wennick

for a long time, NBA schedule customization was completed by wennick, senior vice president of the NBA, alone and with a computer. The work of making the schedule is not simple

first of all, as long as we follow the basic arrangement of NBA games against each team. That is, each team needs to play 4 games with the other four teams in the division; Each team plays 4 games for each of the 6 teams in its League (East or West) outside the needs and divisions; Each team needs to play 3 games with the other 4 teams of the League outside the division; Each team needs to play 2 games with the team of the opposite League; Within five years, six teams that have played four games with their respective leagues will rotate

secondly, the NBA official has some specific requirements for events, such as the Christmas fight, the All-Star game, and the NCAA finals, etc

third, Winnick will collect the schedule of each team's home court in advance. The team can provide three hopes on the day of the game, whether it is because of marketing, box office promotion or city publicity

fourth, considering the long-distance travel between the East and the west, if a team cannot play at home for consecutive games (the team's home venue has other uses), then they are more suitable to fly to another league game

finally, it is necessary to avoid extreme situations. For example, try to avoid the difficult schedule of four matches in five days and eight matches in twelve days, and try to reduce the number of back-to-back matches of the team. Even when the NBA schedule is the most difficult, no team can play more than 23 back-to-back games in a single season, and four five-day four game schedules

these conditions are input into the computer, and the rest of the games are randomly selected by the computer, which improves the guarantee of the sealing of the mold locking cylinder; It adopts the arrayed two-step glue injection mechanism. Someone once expressed curiosity about this vast project when interviewing wennick, and hoped that wennick could introduce his team

"team? Yes, this team is me." Wennick said so

after a pause, he added: "maybe a set of computer software."

of course, computer software is actually very important. Computer calculation can not only avoid some possible human errors, but also greatly reduce Winnick's workload. From 1984 when he took over the job to 2014, Winnick was always alone in arranging the schedule. Mr. Winnick knows how to make fun of hardships. He jokingly called the work of arranging the schedule a "Puzzle". Winnick also said that when everything is completed, his sense of achievement is unparalleled

indeed, seeing 30 teams, 171 days of the season (before last season), 1230 regular season games were put together in an orderly manner, Winnick's sense of achievement can be imagined

[one rule becomes the reference standard for the competition schedule, and artificial intelligence is more involved]

the new season is a competition among the top powers

with the passage of time, Winnick, who started this job in 1984, is getting older. In 2014, in order to thank wennick for his outstanding contributions over the past 30 years, the NBA promoted him to senior vice president of the NBA and entrusted the specific work of arranging the schedule to a working group under wennick. After 30 years of brain burning, Winnick finally breathed a sigh of relief

the new team is led by Tom Carelli, senior vice president of the NBA in charge of television broadcasting and Evan walshu, senior vice president of basketball strategy and analysis. The members also include berghausian, Jenny Li and haomeng. With the help of new technology and longer regular season schedule, the designated schedule is a little different from before

nowadays, the customization of NBA schedule mainly follows the FTE rules

from the damaged low carbon steel specimens, we can see that the FTE rules are fresh, tired and even, that is, freshness, fatigue and average, which are important factors for the NBA to consider the competition schedule. Generally speaking, this rule is the NBA's internal reference standard, which is rarely published. For example, if one team plays the second back-to-back game and the other team has rested for several days, the comparison between the two teams and the use of cables is f-t. The NBA is committed to reducing the proportion of such cases

at the same time, since 2017, the NBA schedule customization team has not collected the expected home game day for each team. They will consider every possible date and use a broader perspective to observe

with the development of artificial intelligence and computer technology, more computer software has been added to the designation of the schedule. Now the software of a Denver company effectively helps the NBA team to compile the schedule. However, the NBA still hasn't entrusted all the work to the artificial intelligence algorithm. The NBA insists on using the way of manual intervention to set up the schedule, rather than being completely operated by computers

from the perspective of season adjustment, this strategy is successful. The longer season will further reduce those difficult schedules, which will not only benefit the team and players, but also increase the experience of fans watching the game

[special requirements make people headache. The schedule makers hope that the NBA is more competitive]

King's home

in fact, in the formulation of the NBA schedule, the above formatted things are relatively easy to complete. What really makes people headache is some special requirements of the team

nba stadiums are expensive. In terms of King's new home golden No. 1 stadium this season, King's new owner spent 557million dollars to build the stadium. 557million people play more than 40 games every year? That is not what capitalists do. Perhaps even the most generous philanthropist in the world would not do such a thing

nba stadiums are basically in use except for NBA games. As far as the most famous Madison Square Garden stadium is concerned, their activities include exhibitions, fashion conferences, ice hockey competitions and other categories

even E-sports will take a share. For example, the 2016 hero League global finals will be held in Madison Square Garden and the Lakers' Staples Center. In the lol global finals, the Knicks, the Lakers and the Clippers' home game can only be sidelined

every year, every venue and city has different situations, and the NBA has different requirements for the schedule. So for Winnick, every year is a new challenge. Of course, there are 30 teams in the league. No matter how the schedule is arranged, some people will complain

interestingly, sometimes the team complains that they don't even understand what's going on

Winnick told an interesting story. In 2011, the Lakers and the Clippers complained that they had too few home games in February. But looking at the schedule of that month, the Staples Center will host a 10 day Grammy and a 7-day All-Star weekend. A lot of home games for both teams? How could this be possible

Carelli sighed: "it's good that we can't get points, and we won't win or lose. Our bottom line, whether it's the primary goal, secondary goal or other goals, is related to the game. Our goal is to make the most competitive schedule for the NBA team as far as we can."

[the test results in two months show that the relaxed schedule will bring better experience]

from the situation of last season, this new team has been able to take over the baton of Winnick after three years of running in

I believe that with the further development of artificial intelligence technology, the work of arranging the competition schedule will become easier and easier. Gone are the days when, like Winnick, there was no software to help him finish the whole season by himself

what is the schedule of the season

in more than two months, the fans can feel it through the game

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