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China regulates the identification and inspection of export textiles in view of the problems existing in the identification and inspection of China's export textiles, the State Administration of entry exit inspection and quarantine, the Ministry of foreign economic relations and trade cooperation and the General Administration of Customs recently made new regulations to regulate them. The main contents of the new regulations are as follows:

first, the bar code of export clothing. The prefix of the commodity bar code indicates which country (region) the enterprise legally using the commodity bar code is registered with, and does not indicate the origin of the commodity. Therefore, those using ean bar code but not indicating the place of origin shall be regarded as neutral packaging

Cement and other materials

II. Unclear origin identification. If there is no indication or hint of origin in other countries or regions on the internal and external labels of products and packaging materials, it shall be regarded as neutral packaging

III. neutral packaging

1. quota textiles with neutral packaging exported to restricted countries (excluding the United States) shall be released with the original textile export license, copied and archived. It is no longer required to add the words "the goods shall not be re exported to countries that have signed bilateral textile trade agreements with China" on the contract 1. Regularly review whether there is oil leakage at the host machine and oil source

2. for textiles exported to non restricted countries with neutral packaging and limited by the quota quantity of restricted countries, it shall be implemented in accordance with the requirements of the provisions on the administration of export textile inspection, that is, "the relevant export enterprises shall indicate on the signed contracts or relevant processing documents that 'the goods are not re exported. Which testing machine is suitable for you? The country that has signed a trade agreement with China'". (China Trade News)

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