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Recently, Xiaobian learned about such a situation. The new couple bought a house, had no money to decorate, and temporarily lived together with their parents; A family of three is crowded in the husband's room, and the children and parents have no independent living space; Housewives are fed up with leaky ceilings and old decorations. These cases happen around us. Ask them why they don't change. Their reason is abnormal unity: there is no extra money

Xiaobian has learned that the consumer loan of the decoration loan product of the Bank of communications adopts the method of mortgage housing to be re mortgaged to the guarantee company, so as to ensure that the mortgage housing loan and the decoration consumer loan are the same

1. Product definition: the loan issued by the bank to the borrower for housing decoration

2. Loan object: natural person with full civil capacity, legal and valid identity documents, good credit status, stable source of income and the ability to repay principal and interest on schedule

3. Loan limit: the loan limit shall not exceed 20% of the transaction price or evaluation value of the decorated real estate

4. Loan term: the longest loan term is 5 years

5. Application materials

(1) personal loan application form

(2) identity certificates of borrower and spouse (resident identity card, passport, household register, etc.), marriage certificate

(3) real estate ownership certificate of the property to be decorated

(4) house decoration contract or decoration plan, decoration shopping list

(5) proof materials of the borrower's repayment ability (such as income certificate, payroll, personal tax bill, other assets, etc.)

(6) mortgage and pledge certificates

(7) other information required by the bank

the above are the conditions and materials for applying for Bank of communications decoration loan

Xiaobian believes that whether it is the decoration loan or installment of the Bank of communications, additional costs will be incurred. But in fact, now many home decoration companies have launched various interest free and handling fee free installment decoration services in cooperation with banks or Internet finance companies. "From the perspective of consumers, there is really no need to pay handling charges and interest." At this time, everyone calculates an account. The handling fee exempted is paid by the home decoration company on behalf of consumers. How can there be such a good thing. As the old saying goes, wool comes from sheep, and the discounts given by home decoration companies to customers in the later stage may be reduced accordingly

in order to avoid the event that the decoration team stopped work just after the construction started, the corresponding materials and procedures of the decoration loan of the Bank of communications are indispensable





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