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Yazhixuan doors and windows 2018 "new blueprint · quiet world" theme annual meeting came to an end reluctantly. In the past three days, families from all over the country gathered together and left too many unforgettable memories

on December 28, Guanghan, China

dealers from all over the country,

more than 10 portal media, and more than 600 people

gathered in yazhixuan intelligent door and window manufacturing base

to jointly participate in a wonderful event

How can you miss such a big event

how Sunny is the first snow? The first stop of new year's dream

a first snow has brought a bright and auspicious atmosphere to our grand meeting. Early the next day, dealers returned to the familiar yazhixuan family with excitement to embrace a new future

all series of new products have aroused great interest of dealers. During the exhibition hall visit and experience on that day, the new intelligent door and window experience was glowing, attracting dealer partners to book one after another



about the planning and direction of 2019, yazhixuan also has a full supply of dry goods to share with you

At this new product launch, Mr. Zheng Wei, President of big brands, good products, integrated merchants and deep assistance, shared that 2018 was the year of "transformation" and improvement in the production of yazhixuan doors and windows. The consolidation and expansion of knowledge achievements of various projects further complemented the shortcomings, strengthened the foundation, and promoted improvement. He took care of customers with all-round and thoughtful services, It has led yazhixuan to a new height of "bigger, better and stronger"

in 2019, we will "open a new quiet world of doors and windows", improve the brand image in all aspects, help customers one-on-one, and help tens of millions of big businesses! Yazhixuan people go all out, and there will be a better result

At the new blueprint ・ peace of mind

meeting, Mr. Gu, the marketing director of yazhixuan, said: in 2018, we carried out our work with the idea of "leading the future with change". With everyone's efforts, we achieved an excellent result of sales growth of 40.5% year-on-year in 2017. Thank the creators and dealers who struggle in the first front line for their support and help to our work

from 2017 to 2018, with the continuous development and progress of the industry, the phased development of yazhixuan has been promoted year by year; In 2018, the company not only achieved its sales target, but also achieved the comprehensive innovation of the image of yazhixuan doors and windows and products

strictly manage the market, and only by adhering to it can we achieve the success of the brand; We will, as always, continue to demand constant innovation, constant change and continuous struggle for the brand dream


product knowledge training

in this training, technical director Li Guoqiang said that in recent years, the construction door and window market is undergoing profound changes, the system doors and windows are increasingly concerned by the people, and the system door and window brands are springing up in the construction market

this year, yazhixuan focuses on R & D and design, integrating technology, materials, equipment, training, software, services, etc. Through research and development, we have developed high-quality and high-performance door and window products, including product design, production, installation, post maintenance, etc., and shared the design of new door and window materials and structures this year


keep improving and enjoy quality

at the training meeting, Ms. Zheng Xiaobo, deputy general manager, reported to you that under the theme of the chairman's 2018 core goal of "leading the future with change", she had made improvements and adjustments in the company's environmental management, system management, production management and other aspects, especially the Nissin plan to achieve more than 95%, which was inseparable from the support and efforts of the production department. 2019 will lead the team to continue to strengthen all aspects of management, and we will carry out the reform to the end

then, the structural characteristics of various products are explained to dealers from the perspective of product R & D and manufacturing process, and the advantages of this year's new products are compared from the aspects of product appearance and performance. The major dealers responded enthusiastically, took notes carefully, and proposed collective discussion in case of confusion, aiming to improve the business level and professional skills of dealers



yazhixuan doors and windows chamber of Commerce Club strategic cooperation signing ceremony, seize the opportunity, improve sales, brand promotion, consolidate the foundation, marketing empowerment, and jointly witness this moment

yazhixuan 2019 315 super linkage promotion activity

in order to further boost sales, the company launched the "2019 315 super linkage promotion activity". Nearly 100 dealers signed up to participate in this linkage activity. The venue was crowded and lively

dealers actively participate, and the scene is very lively

in more than a month of intensive preparations, the 2018 year-end ceremony of "new blueprint · quiet world" - yazhixuan doors and windows kicked off on the 29th. We warmly welcome every dealer friend, supplier friend, guest and media who are on a par with yazhixuan to gather here to participate in the grand event and share the glorious moment

guests signed as a souvenir

- vigorous singing and dancing, ignited the passion years of yazhixuan -

the employees of yazhixuan prepared a passionate performance at the party. The domineering "Chinese Kung Fu" implied that yazhixuan was sonorous in 2019, honed and guided to continue to create a better future; The style of Western Jazz Dance "baammomoland", "Moonlight Serenade", the National Classical Dance "ronin Pipa", the humorous and touching wonderful sketch "go home for the new year", the dance series "hello hello", the youth filled dance "goodtime", the moving song "reasons for happiness", the dynamic dance "bang bang bang" and other wonderful programs were staged in turn, and won the unanimous praise of the audience

the achievements of yazhixuan today can't be separated from the efforts of every family member of yazhixuan. Therefore, the red envelope shaking link was specially prepared for the family members, so that everyone could participate in this feast. There were many climaxes on the scene and it was fun

- thank you for joining hands. -

at the dealer award ceremony, an old tradition of the annual meeting of yazhixuan doors and windows, many dealers entered the 2018 annual honor list, and the team and power of role models are growing

golden porch award glory moment, cutting-edge award glory moment

on the avenue of yazhixuan's continuous progress towards the door and window customization strategy, there will also be more development opportunities and greater space for dealers

gold medal store manager glory moment

in the past year, the family of yazhixuan has been conscientious and conscientious in their respective positions. In the joint efforts and concerted efforts of everyone to achieve brilliant results, a group of excellent employees who are willing to contribute and have exemplary representatives have emerged. They create miracles in ordinary posts, strive for perfection, and display their talents with a positive attitude. Awards such as annual excellent employee and best team were presented on site

moments of honor for excellent employees

moments of honor for the best team

- a feast for hundreds of people, a red new year -

clear development direction, diversified household business, greater space to play... This year's year-end ceremony has launched a different future for dealers

you can't live up to your wonderful future, and you can't live up to the red delicious food at this moment. Get together and share a lively, tumbling and delicious feast, leaving the warmest memory for the new year

2018 yazhixuan door and window new product release and year-end ceremony has ended

and the highlight has just begun

in 2019, open the new quiet world of doors and windows

a more wonderful life is coming for you




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