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As a benchmark enterprise in the wardrobe industry, Kelaifu has absorbed the essence of Italian home culture in its design concept, integrated the traditional Chinese aesthetic philosophy, and constantly innovated in its design

Kelaifu home furnishing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 as a joint stock limited company. The headquarters of East China production base is located in block b-04, Hongqi Industrial Park, Hefei, China. The company fully introduces the phase III Internet of things application project of intelligent system, covering an area of more than 120000 square meters. It introduces a full set of automatic production line of HOMAG in Germany, wemhoner molding production line, fully computer-controlled electronic cutting saw, pressing machine, fully automatic edge banding machine, punching machine and other world-leading furniture processing equipment, and combines it with Canada 2020 terminal design software. Technological innovation has always been at the forefront of the industry. As of 2015, it has obtained 62 national certified patents. Kelaifu has become a large group enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales

as a benchmark enterprise in the wardrobe industry, Kelaifu has absorbed the essence of Italian home culture in its design concept, and integrated the traditional Chinese aesthetic philosophy. In its design, it has constantly pushed through the old to bring forth the new, created a modern fashion home with rich oriental culture, and established a strong and complete product line. Now it has formed a cloakroom series, study series, living room series, bedroom series, balcony series Nearly 100 kinds of products in several major series, such as partition door series, have become the inevitable choice of modern people pursuing environmental protection, health, taste and fashion

Kelaifu will launch some styles that meet the market demand every year, which will often surprise consumers. What products will there be this time

negative ion health board brings "Fu culture"

some series of wardrobe in Kelaifu adopt negative ion board, which brings Fu culture. Negative ions have negative oxygen ions, which can be combined with methylphenol and trace elements in the air, and can achieve the functions of dust removal, aldehyde removal and trace elements removal. Its release period is about 15 years. The substrate inside the Kelaifu anion board is not only the substrate of the negative separation board, but also the surface is coated with an additional layer of anion generating layer, which has two more negative oxygen ion films on the front and back than the normal pressing film. Of course, whether there are negative ions can be detected by negative ion detector

smart life, one click control

Kelaifu smart cloakroom: this smart cloakroom product is committed to leading the modern lifestyle. It can easily realize one click control by collecting wireless signals from terminals such as, iPad, etc., controlling strong current with weak current, and opening it with intelligent methods such as remote control, touch, induction, etc

the treasure chest hidden behind the door, so that every inch of space can be used.

corner swing door & Treasure chest behind the door: the design of Kelaifu wardrobe maximizes the use of the corner of the wardrobe, and also meets the needs of urban people with a lot of sundries. Plus, after the door, the treasure chest is a cabinet with strong storage space. From then on, you are no longer a person who throws things everywhere

grapes, wine, luminous cup, create a romantic time

Bordeaux manor in Calais: grapes, wine, luminous cup, Bordeaux manor can bring people such a fascinating romantic time, connect history and undertake the future with fashion ideas. Classical Europeanism precipitated and blossomed in this world-renowned city. Tawny glass and antique handle complement each other: Antique charm, showing it all. The rich line design and the matching use of brown glass and solid wood doors enrich the appearance of the bookcase, and optimize the function at the same time. The super three-dimensional sense and unique carved design add a bit of aura and highlight the strong retro style

the beloved series of small houses - let you love it or not

Kelaifu Windsor sunshine series, elegant Finnish white, as Windsor sunshine, clear and crisp. Simple European style, highlighting the legacy of European aristocracy, romantic and low-key, extravagant but not flashy, modern membrane pressing technology, zigzag door panels, both three-dimensional and linear, perfectly interpreting the elegant theme of life. This series of products are all made of negative ion plates, which continuously release negative oxygen ions throughout the day, remove aldehydes and purify them, and bring you forest like good air

Windsor sunshine series is very suitable for small houses. You can make a small porch and TV cabinet to make it connected to a living room, and use a flip board shoe cabinet; The bay window can be made into a multi-functional treasure box. The bay window cabinet adopts a zigzag door panel, which is elegant and exquisite, with a full sense of lines. The compartments on both sides of the vertical cabinet make the storage space scattered, and things can be placed on it at will. That's great

Kelaifu wine cabinet becomes "wine cabinet + Locker"

Kelaifu wine cabinet has a strong sense of hierarchy, its concave convex sense and hierarchical lines are very prominent, and the design concept of Kelaifu is based on the principle of refrigerator, which greatly increases the storage function, so that the wine cabinet has more storage space, which will bring great surprise




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