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In today's home decoration, the decoration of bathroom space is often ignored by owners because it accounts for a relatively small proportion. However, relevant experts pointed out that the bathroom space is an important element that reflects the comfort, warmth and safety of the house, and involves quite a lot of details. If it is not handled properly, it will not only directly affect the quality of future home life, but also bring potential safety hazards

waterproof material selection construction is also important

"bathroom space has high requirements for the quality of floor tiles and wall tiles." Mr. xiejianmin, a new wall material of Nanjian, said that the waterproof requirements of bathroom space are very high, so we should choose high-quality waterproof wall tiles and floor tiles to reduce the water absorption of bricks. "The waterproof function of wall bricks with high density is better. The amount of water leaking through the bricks is very small, which can effectively prevent the surrounding walls from causing problems such as water marks and mildew."

"the floor tiles shall be laid with a drainage slope of 1%, and the slope shall face the falling surface." Ms. Chen of Junyi decoration believes that the waterproofing of bathroom space, construction technology and material selection are equally important. The floor tile joints should be of the same thickness, aligned with the wall tile joints, and the ceramic sheets should be flat when pasted, so that the water in the bathroom space can be discharged as soon as possible. Before the wall tile construction, the wall waterproof treatment works should be carried out first, which can ensure the wall waterproof

the selection and installation of sanitary appliances should be humanized

"try to store the supplies required in different bathing stages in the order of dry and wet separation, and they can be easily reached when bathing." The relevant person in charge of Anhua sanitary ware said that the humanization of its design should be considered when selecting and installing sanitary ware. The smooth curve can reduce the damage caused by collision. If the space is relatively large, you can also consider separating the shower space from the makeup and toilet space to effectively prevent water splashing and keep the ground dry. "These can be fixed through the installation of fully enclosed partition doors, or local shielding, such as soft curtains and wide drooping shutters."

safety details are most likely to be ignored

"try not to change the existing circuit in the bathroom." Mr. Jiang of Fang Wei decoration said that the electrical switches should be installed outside the bathroom as far as possible, and the lines in the bathroom space must be sealed, waterproof and insulated. If there is a socket in the bathroom, it should also be away from the water source. It is best to cover it, and remember not to unplug it with wet hands. In addition, choosing potted plants that are shade tolerant, hygroscopic and hygroscopic can add a bit of vitality to the bathroom space

"special attention should be paid to safety in the installation and use of water heaters." The relevant person in charge of Anhua sanitary ware said that not only the safety performance of the water heater itself will affect the safety of sanitary ware. The ventilation capacity of the bathroom space is also very important. If the ventilation capacity of the window is limited, an exhaust fan with a retrograde gate can be installed, and the gap between the door in the bathroom and the ground can also be left a little larger

"solar water heaters are easy to be affected by lightning and make the bathroom space charged, so try to avoid using them in thunderstorms."





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