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There are drainage pipes and toilets in the Yang house, which are the places where sewage is discharged and stored. In the house phase, both of them are related to health and wealth. The drainage pipes should not pass through the underground of the house or the underground of the gate, but should be buried outside the building. If the septic tank of the toilet can be more than three feet away from the house, it can reduce the ferocity

the toilet and drain pipe are my close partners in daily life, and they are related to health and good luck in the house. The toilet is the place of filth. Human beings will suffer from the magnetic field of excreta rays for a long time, which will affect their judgment. In the past, the squatting toilet has been changed to a flush toilet, and the relative ground radiation has also been reduced. However, modern Yangzhai science should take into account the location of the septic tank, and the drainage pipe should also be paid attention to, so as to avoid adverse effects on the body due to the wrong location

for example, in a case, the drainage pipe flows from the kitchen to the central point under the house. As a result, after living for two years, the body often has problems. I feel better after being admitted to the hospital, but I will relapse after being discharged home. The gate is filled with auspicious gas, which represents the location of auspicious elephant. If it is polluted by waste water pipe, it will certainly be malicious, but if the piping is used to guide tap water, gas, etc., it will not be as serious as waste water pipe

in addition, the septic tank is a device for processing feces and filtering and sedimentation. The precipitated feces are spoiled by bacteria, and then destroyed after treatment. Therefore, the septic tank is the second place to make spoilage. Unlike kitchens and bathrooms, septic tanks are located outside the house, so although their ferocious rays are strong, they can still withstand the containment

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nowadays, home decoration can no longer only meet the basic requirements of improving the living environment and improving the living quality. While pursuing high quality of life, many owners are also concerned about the impact of decoration on the spirit. In the face of all kinds of decoration, which layout can promote work, health and wealth

first, spatial structure

the spatial structure and orientation of the room determine the overall Feng Shui of the room. If the structure and orientation are not easy to change, the layout should be based on the five elements of the owner and orientation. This can improve the fortune as much as possible

I wish you a hand in the Southeast

this position has the heat of heaven and earth that can make life smooth. People whose bedrooms are in the southeast direction will act smoothly, and they will soon be promoted, having an enviable happy life. At the same time, being able to get the help of relatives and friends, it is easy to find the way to make a fortune

air circulation and good fortune

in Feng Shui, air flow represents the operation of good fortune. Therefore, the air in the house must circulate smoothly before it can be successful. Generally speaking, after opening the window, the wind blowing into the house from the outside should be gentle and soft

second, decorative color

nowadays, many people know some color psychology. Classic bright colors will make people excited and happy, and their thoughts will be more positive. And the cold tone will make the mood calmer, making people more peaceful and peaceful. Therefore, different colors can be used in different rooms for reasonable collocation. The right color is not only very beneficial to health, but also can affect wealth

red carpet makes you rich

red represents happiness, enthusiasm, boldness and enterprising. In geomantic omen, red is the color of fortune. Choosing red carpet can make the family full of energy, conducive to career and accept treasure

the south is dotted with green to gather vitality

green means vitality. Placing green plants in the south of the bedroom can not only add green beauty, but also promote the better aspects of interpersonal relations, which is conducive to the family's access to wealth

III. furniture is a necessity of home, and the layout of furniture will also affect the positive energy of the room

the mirror cannot face the door

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