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Central air conditioning is an air conditioning system in which a host machine controls different rooms to achieve the purpose of indoor air conditioning by passing air through the air duct or connecting multiple ends of cold and hot water pipes. Using the air duct air supply mode, one host can control the cold and hot conditions of many different rooms and introduce fresh air, effectively improving the quality of indoor air and preventing the outbreak of air-conditioning diseases. The central air conditioning system consists of a cold and heat source system and an air conditioning system. The refrigeration system provides the required cooling capacity for the air conditioning system to offset the cooling load of the indoor environment; The heating system provides heat for the air conditioning system to offset the heat load of the indoor environment. Next, I will introduce the steps of central air conditioning decoration and installation

central air conditioner decoration and installation step 1

1. The distance between the internal machine and the roof shall not be less than 1 cm, so as to avoid vibration between the air conditioner and the wall top during operation

2. When installing the internal machine, the slope of 5/1000 should be considered, and the side connected with the condensate should be installed slightly lower to avoid the dripping of indoor machine caused by the failure of condensate drainage in time

central air conditioning decoration and installation step 2

after installing the internal machine, you can install the refrigerant copper pipe. This link is the most important link in the installation of central air conditioning. When installing the refrigerant copper pipe, you need to pay attention to:

1. The installation point of the refrigerant copper pipe is the connection between the copper pipe and the branch pipe, and weld at this connection

2. In the process of copper pipe welding, nitrogen must be filled into the copper pipe, because there is no air in the copper pipe, so as to avoid the phenomenon of carbon deposition in the copper pipe during the welding process, which leads to the failure of the compressor in the working process

3. After welding, use high-pressure nitrogen for soot blowing in the pipe to keep the inside of the copper pipe clean. At the same time, the copper pipe should be pressure tested, and nitrogen should be flushed into the copper pipe to maintain the pressure. The test time is generally 24 hours

central air conditioning decoration and installation step III

the central air conditioning installation step after is the installation of condensate pipes, which should be connected from the internal unit to the outdoor and floor drain at least > 1%. Generally, when installed, it is connected from the indoor unit and then landed nearby, and it is connected out of the room or floor drain together with other condensate pipes

central air conditioning decoration and installation step 4

after installing the condensate pipe of the air conditioner, install the external unit of the air conditioner. The air outlet of the external unit of the air conditioner must be free of obstructions within 50 cm. In the floor type, install damping pads to ensure the normal operation of the external unit. After installing the external machine, vacuum the refrigerant pipe to ensure that the refrigerant pipe is dry, otherwise the water contained in the air in the pipe will mix with the refrigerant to produce ice crystals, causing damage to the equipment

central air conditioning decoration and installation step 5

after completing the above steps, we need to open the refrigerant valve of the air conditioner, release the refrigerant brought by the external machine, detect the pressure in the pipe at the same time, and supplement it appropriately until the commissioning of the air conditioner is completed. When installing the central air conditioner, the air outlet of the air conditioner cannot be installed near the light strip, which will cause the air outlet of the air conditioner to be blocked during the heating process, and the hot air will go up, causing the whole space to feel insufficient heat

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