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I knew that it shouldn't be installed like this when decorating before. I didn't expect that the color of the wall doesn't match the furniture after installation& hellip;& hellip; Many owners will express some feelings after decoration. As the place where people belong after a hard day's work, home is a place where their body and mind can be relaxed and peaceful. Therefore, in the process of home decoration, we should comprehensively consider the actual life needs in the future, and we should not affect the family life in the future because of some small mistakes

◆ think before you install

for most owners, they won't pay attention to the decoration before the time of decoration. Therefore, once they start decoration, they will suddenly be confused and don't know where to start, which often leads to insufficient preparation for the preliminary work of decoration

Mr. Su, who has been living at his parents' house, is usually busy with work and has no time and opportunity to contact with decoration knowledge. However, he plans to get married in the middle of this year and bought a new house for decoration, so he has to temporarily learn about decoration, including finding a decoration company and buying household building materials products. Under the tight construction period of decoration, Mr. Su can only start work while thinking about how to decorate and design

industry insiders believe that if you don't consider carefully before starting work, modify while constructing, and there is no map for water circuit transformation, it will leave hidden dangers for subsequent construction. He said that owners should have a basic understanding of decoration knowledge before decoration, including the basic steps and methods of decoration. Generally, decoration companies will draw decoration design drawings for owners, including overall effect drawings, detailed construction drawings and water circuit transformation drawings. However, due to inadequate communication and thoughtfulness between some owners and designers in advance, with the progress of construction, they put forward modification opinions on the original design, so as to modify while constructing. After the completion of concealed works such as water circuit transformation, it was found that there was no map to find, leaving hidden dangers for subsequent construction

reminder: in the early stage of decoration, if you have enough time, you can browse some professional magazines or websites half a year to a year in advance, get familiar with the basic industry knowledge, go to the exhibition, book some affordable products, get to know the decoration company and visit the model house one month in advance, and make full preparations. During the construction process, especially when there is a water circuit in the kitchen and bathroom that needs to be transformed, consumers should ask the designer for a circuit transformation drawing in advance. If there is any change during the construction process, consumers should also communicate with the designer to draw another transformation drawing, and then start the construction. It is best not to modify while construction, so as to avoid damaging the wires and causing disasters during the construction of the wall in the future

◆ the design is in place in one step

many decorated owners will feel some regret about their spatial layout after moving in. They either knew to spend more money to buy better materials or did not know to make the cabinet so large. Some hard decoration designs are wasteful and difficult to use, and they do not fully consider the space proportion and usage habits. Many designs have become the chicken ribs of the whole space, which are not only unsightly and uncomfortable, but also occupy space

Miss Liang, who lives in the urban area, found that the whole space in the original design effect map looked beautiful, spacious and bright. In fact, it looked very narrow and crowded after completion. In particular, the bar between the kitchen and the living room takes up a large part of the space. So far, the bar doesn't seem to play a big role, but there are some sundries piled up

insiders said that in space design, people often encounter the problem of not reserving enough storage space. In addition to the conventional storage of items, it also includes children's toys, newspapers and magazines, kitchen appliances, etc. it is necessary to not only reserve enough storage space, but also plan storage in a decentralized and flexible manner, so that the space design can fundamentally solve the convenience and comfort of future life. In some detail design, such as the sofa is too low, and the kitchen basin is too far away from the gas stove, which is inconvenient to use. These problems are caused by not considering the use habits of the owner when designing. To solve these problems, the owner should consider the daily living habits clearly when designing, and further carefully check the height, width and other data of the design drawings to ensure the feasibility of the drawings

reminder: the premise of design is communication. Therefore, when communicating with designers, owners should integrate their living habits, hobbies, family members, etc. into the design, and list functional and decorative preferences and preferences, so that designers can make reference to avoid design waste and trouble

◆ the more careful, the more perfect

in fact, decoration, as a relatively small large investment project in people's life, will be relatively cautious, but as a complex project, people will have all kinds of regrets, large and small, no matter how cautious, and regret if it was like this &hellip& hellip;。 In the interview, insiders put forward many suggestions on matters that owners often regret

in the kitchen, if the cooking frequency at home is very high, try to give up the open kitchen, otherwise there will be lampblack problem. If you think the lighting of the closed kitchen is insufficient, you can add a sliding door after changing to the open kitchen. The living room, room and other power sockets can be installed as much as possible, otherwise there are tow boards everywhere in the home. The vegetable basin faucet must be able to be switched on and off with the back of your hand. Those that must use your fingers are not easy to keep clean, and it is also difficult to turn when you have oil on your hands. Before the valve of the flue is installed back, it must be wiped clean to ensure that the valve can be opened and closed freely and can be opened to the maximum, otherwise it will affect the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood. You can leave two pieces of ceiling installed, and then install the ceiling after the range hood is installed and tested correctly. Put a plank under the artificial stone of the cabinet, so that you can cut meat on it at will. As for whether to install a bathtub or a shower, if you choose between two, it is still recommended to take a shower. There are not a few people who have never taken a bath after installing a bathtub. Shower does not refer to the shower room. The glass of the shower room is still very tired to wipe. You can also choose to hang a shower curtain. If you like surfing the Internet, at least two Internet ports and more than two sockets are reserved on each wall of each room. The positions of various sockets in the room should be consistent with the positions of furniture. Try to have more storage space, and there will be more and more sundries to store after check-in. It is better to use ceramic tiles on the wall of the balcony, which is more waterproof than paint. The project of installing the junction box of leakage protector and air switch cannot be saved, and it should not be placed outdoors, but indoors. Originally, the old junction box outside the door was intended to save money. The electrician suggested replacing it indoors. Now I find his suggestion very valuable

reminder: it is impossible for each owner to cover all aspects in the decoration process, but after fully understanding and carefully considering each part, they can learn relevant professional knowledge. The more careful and thoughtful they are, the more thoughtful they can avoid unnecessary losses




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