Solving the problem of corrugated paperboard press

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Solution to the problem of corrugated paperboard pressing

influence and correction of factors such as indentation bending in manufacturing

◆ influence of corrugated paperboard indentation. In order to make the corrugated board easy to be folded into a box after blanking, it is necessary to make an indentation (also known as line pressing or line touching) according to the accurate size. In the production of cartons, an indentation (line pressing) machine is used to press out an impression of about 7mm width at the place to be bent. As shown in Figure 2. Because the corrugated board is hollow inside, the indentation will cause shrinkage and reduce the board length. According to relevant data and practice, the length of the five-layer corrugated board will be shortened by 8mm after 10 parallel indentations are made at a certain distance. When the corrugated board is thin and the number of indentation passes is small, the shrinkage is also small (sometimes negligible). In general, the thicker the corrugated board, the more the number of indentation, the greater the shrinkage

◆ it can be seen from Figure 2 that if the corrugated board is scribed and indented according to the inner diameter, the actual internal dimension of the carton made after the corrugated board is bent by 90 ° is one plate thickness smaller than the required inner diameter (half plate thickness on one side in the figure). The thicker the corrugated board is, the higher the quality of raw materials is required for manufacturing medical devices, and the greater the difference between the manufacturing precision size and the inner diameter size is

◆ manufacturing dimension correction that meets the inner diameter dimension requirements but has low dimensional tolerance requirements. In addition, the size of the automatic storage carton is generally determined based on the inner diameter. As mentioned above, the length of the cardboard will be shortened during bending and indentation, so it needs to be increased on the basis of the inner diameter. The increase is called the stretching head or stretching amount (value). The specific stretching amount includes length, width and height, and its value is related to the material, corrugated type, number of layers, indentation process, bending process and box type of corrugated board. The specific values are difficult to be uniformly specified. Refer to table 2 and table 3. (see Table 2 and table 3)

generally, when measuring the size of cartons, the size shall be enlarged according to the tolerance coefficient after the arrangement of intermediate packaging and binding, so as to ensure that the packing is not too tight. When making boxes, the manufacturing and cutting dimensions shall be calculated according to the inner diameter specification and considering the extension value. Therefore, no matter how the outer diameter exceeds the manufacturing size, no matter how the volume in the box surface mark or how the freight is calculated, the measured outer diameter shall prevail. Therefore, the actual outer diameter must be printed on the surface of the corrugated box

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