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The price of Microsoft's arrogance: upgrade mistakes will lead to a decline in WP sales

according to foreign media reports, if consumers 7 Turn off the power switch when 1 changing the head mold; Once again, we need a reason not to buy windows phone, so Microsoft has given the answer: the Windows Phone 8.1 devices purchased today may not be upgraded to windows 8.1 1。 Then again, maybe it can be upgraded. This cannot help the struggling intelligent operating system

Matt Hamblen, a contributing writer in Computerworld, tried to find out from Nokia and Microsoft whether the existing Windows Phone 8 devices would be able to be upgraded to Windows 8 1。 However, the pretentious non answers given to him by the two companies are surprising

this will be the first attempt to dispose of the garbage since it was found in 1997

haibomen contacted Nokia and asked whether Nokia Windows 8, including high-end lumia1020 and low-cost lumia520, would be upgraded to windows 8.1, "We don't comment on future products, but Microsoft has confirmed that smart phones running Windows Phone 8 will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1," a spokeswoman for the company replied by email Her words seem clear, don't they? But obviously, this is not something Nokia or Microsoft are interested in. But two hours later, she sent another email and replied non answered: "Microsoft has confirmed that the smart hand running Windows phone8 will be upgraded to remove iron filings and dirt." But what version will you upgrade to? You may want to know, but neither Nokia nor Microsoft answered. The person in charge of the company only told haibomen that the windows phone operating system can be upgraded, but how to upgrade personal devices is unknown

Jack gold, a technical analyst at J. gold associates, was harsh, but to the point, he talked to hebmen about Microsoft's refusal to provide an answer, "Microsoft seems to be hiding the truth, or at least not straightforward. Users have the right to expect an answer whether their specific device can be upgraded, whether or not. In this case, both Microsoft and Nokia are at fault and they are not straightforward to customers. Looking back at the last major upgrade of Windows Phone, we can see that the same story is repeating itself," he said He said that the last upgrade mentioned refers to upgrading from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, while Windows Phone 7 devices cannot be upgraded to Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is so far behind in the smart market that it can't afford such a mistake. Any purchased by users should be able to be upgraded to a certain extent

on this issue, Microsoft should be honest, otherwise it is arrogant. When it has only 3% market share, it can't afford the price caused by arrogance


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