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Hisense released six anti residual shadow technologies, OLED TV has entered a mature period

"better OLED" still depends on Hisense. On the afternoon of March 7, Hisense, China's "first brother of color TV", officially announced its major technological breakthrough in the OLED field at its global R & D headquarters in Qingdao, and announced that it would officially display the OLED TV product A8 at the Shanghai awe exhibition, which opened on March 14. So far, the technical bottlenecks such as afterimage and image attenuation that have plagued OLED TV for many years have been broken through by Hisense, a technology group. Hisense, which holds the three mainstream display technologies of uled, laser display and OLED, continues to make another breakthrough in the field of display technology, allowing them to produce ideal products

at the press conference, Hisense revealed that Hisense is actually the first enterprise in China to carry out OLED technology research and development and take the lead in launching OLED complete products. In 2010, Hisense, as the only TV enterprise, participated in the 863 new flat panel display technology major project of the Ministry of science and technology, undertook the key technology and process research project of large-scale AMOLED, and successfully developed 12 inch and 15 inch OLED TV prototypes in 2010 and 2012. Since then, Hisense has carried out in-depth technology research and development and technical reserves around OLED materials, devices, drives, image quality, etc., and mastered key technologies in OLED drive system design, OLED display structure, curved OLED modules, OLED service life, contrast, etc

it is reported that Toshiba TV has the most advanced OLED technology in Japan, which has the highest penetration rate of OLED TV in the world. After Hisense acquired Toshiba TV and its R & D team, it continued to overcome the technical difficulties of OLED, and finally broke through the technical problems such as afterimage and image attenuation that have plagued the OLED market for many years. According to Dr. yuechunbo, research and Development Engineer of Hisense OLED, "Hisense has provided excellent technical solutions to prevent OLED ghosting through self-developed six anti ghosting technologies, dark field detail improvement technology and OLED color accurate design, so that OLED products show perfect image quality performance in detail and now the emerging 3D technology is also a new medium to show sculpture in terms of expressiveness, clarity and moving image fluency". So far, OLED TV products have finally matured compared with XPS board polyurethane insulation system

effect comparison between Hisense and foreign OLED products

the technical achievements of Hisense OLED have also been verified by authoritative testing institutions. According to the test data of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, the brightness uniformity of Hisense 65 inch OLED TV A8 product has reached 94.7%, the color gamut coverage (bt.709) has reached 130.5%, and the dark field brightness, dynamic contrast, color accuracy and other key indicators have also performed well. Compared with OLED products with the same specifications and sizes and similar price segments in the current market, Hisense OLED TV has better color and image quality indicators, richer color restoring power, better dark field detail expression, and fully possesses the excellent quality necessary for a high-end mature product

as we all know, OLED TVs are not new and have been promoted in China for more than five years, but the annual sales volume in 2018 was only 170000 units, which was not only far below expectations, but also far behind Japan and other global key markets. This is not a special color TV market in China. The fundamental reason is that some TV manufacturers only act as OLED screen assembly plants and porters, and are unable to touch deep-sea areas such as OLED afterimages, which are difficult to develop, making OLED TV "look not as good as it is advertised", resulting in the slow improvement of China's OLED TV market

under such circumstances, many consumers and insiders who like OLED TVs have their eyes on Hisense, China's leading color TV enterprise, and hope that the "technological" Hisense can change the current dilemma. In recent years, about "will Hisense launch OLED TV"? "When will Hisense launch OLED TV"? "When will Hisense list OLED TV in China"? Speculation abounds

today, the dust is settled. China's OLED TV market has ushered in a new order. Chinese consumers finally have a "better OLED"

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