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Hisago developed and produced new anti-counterfeiting labels

recently, new members have been added to the anti-counterfeiting label family produced by hisago. One is "prevent copying and forging labels", which adopts the principle and technology of full press and click KeyGraph to prevent the copier from reading. After being copied or faxed, the scanner can only scan and display the word "copy". It can be pasted on the cover or the original of contracts and important documents to protect against improper forgery. The other is "prevent copying forged labels". When copying or faxing, the hologram area will be turned into black gray by the scanner, so that it is difficult to be recognized by the human eye. This label can be pasted on confidential information such as user name ID information or password information, so as to achieve the effect of wide radiation range and prevent information leakage

it is reported that the size of "prevent copying and forgery labels" is 43 mm and 13 mm. When the experiment is suspended, there are 18 pieces on the page, with a total of 525 yen (including tax) on five pages. "Prevent copying and forgery labels" has four different sizes, five pages, a total of 735 yen (including tax)

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