Anhui Heli organizes retirees to visit Anhui Hall

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Anhui Heli organized retirees to visit the Anhui Hall of fame

Anhui Heli organized retirees to visit the Anhui Hall of fame

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in order to commemorate the birthday of the "July 1st" party and ensure the implementation of the "two benefits" for retired comrades, Anhui Heli organized nearly 60 retired cadres to visit the Anhui Hall of fame in the early afternoon of June 14

in the morning, accompanied by clear bird songs, the sun scattered on every elderly person with white hair and young face. Li Jixiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and chairman of the trade union of the group company, together with the heads of the political department, the veteran cadres section and other departments, waited early in front of Taihu road in Heli community, talked with every old comrade who came, and welcomed the old comrades to visit and study in Anhui celebrity Museum. Before leaving, Secretary Li especially conveyed Zhang Dejin 8 to the old comrades who were seated in the carriage Function reproduction function: after the end of the experimental operation and storage, the recycling of the chairman and other public waste plastics has become an unavoidable problem. The leaders of the company care and greet them. In his speech, Secretary Li sincerely thanked all the old comrades for their contributions to the joint development and their long-term concern and support for the company. He wished all the old comrades happiness, health and family happiness in their future lives

after a half-hour drive, the retired veteran cadres and their delegation came to Anhui celebrity Museum, the patriotism education base in Anhui Province and Hefei City, which is located on the coast of Chaohu Lake. First of all, under the leadership of the head of the veteran cadres section, Secretary Li and all veteran comrades solemnly raised their right hands to review the oath of joining the party. Then, under the guidance and interpretation of professional commentators, the retired comrades and their delegation visited eight theme exhibition halls in the museum one by one, including "ancestors in the dawn of civilization", "prophets in wisdom", "sages in the era of cultural prosperity", "pioneers in the consolidation of the golden ou", "advanced in the academic forest", "pioneers in exploration in change", "pioneers in the flames of war", "pioneers in the wonderful flowers of the art garden". In the exhibition hall full of emblem elements, the wax figures and single figures on display are lifelike. The use of film art techniques and multimedia technology such as sound, light and electricity has greatly aroused the interest of old comrades. Meanwhile, the old comrades held their thumbs high and praised them

on the way back, the old comrades sighed that this activity not only paid tribute to the style of Anhui celebrities, but also reviewed history. It was very meaningful to receive instructions from Premier Li Keqiang to emphasize education. In addition, they also expressed their sincere gratitude to the company and its leaders for their long-term care and help, and wished Heli and Heli's career to be prosperous

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