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Hitachi construction machinery was rated as one of the top ten credit units in Anhui industry

Hitachi construction machinery was rated as one of the top ten credit units in Anhui industry

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"integrity" is the fundamental way of enterprise production and management, and also a powerful force to promote social progress. Since its establishment in 1995, Hitachi construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HCMC) has been rooted in Anhui for 20 years, and has built the trust of customers, employees, partners and the public with honest management, becoming a foreign-funded enterprise with extensive influence in the province

recently, HCMC stood out from nearly 400 participating units and won the honorary title of "top ten credit units (brands) in Anhui industry", and general manager Tian yuandaowen was also awarded "top ten credit figures (entrepreneurs) in Anhui industry". On December 26, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology of HCM and the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued the notice on the implementation of financial support policies for the use of new energy vehicles in 2016 (2) 020; On May 5, C participated in the "credit Anhui Summit Forum" as an award-winning unit and witnessed the release of the blue book "2015 credit Anhui - Anhui credit development report". The consistent development concept of the company has been fully recognized by the Chinese government and society

this credit enterprise and person selection is a practical activity of the Anhui provincial government to implement the "outline of the social credit system construction plan ()" issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. It aims to promote the in-depth development of the province's credit system construction by taking advanced enterprises and individuals as an example. The organizers of the selection include Anhui Academy of Social Sciences, Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce, Anhui Provincial Bureau of quality and technology supervision, the Legal Affairs Office of the people's Government of Anhui Province, Anhui credit association, Anhui credit research center and other institutions. The selection results are authoritative and credible. Among the top ten credit units, HCMC, as an advanced foreign-funded enterprise, enjoys a high reputation in Hefei, where the company is located, and in the national construction machinery industry. At the same time, HCMC was also invited to join the ranks of cooperative units of "building credit Anhui". General manager Tian yuandaowen was hired as a special researcher by Anhui credit research center

the 2015 credit Anhui - 44 times Anhui credit development report, jointly published by the Anhui Academy of Social Sciences, the economic and Information Technology Commission, the Department of Commerce, the government office, etc., is an official credit publication that is publicly issued and contains the successful cases of outstanding credit enterprises of the year. Among them, the "integrity" business practice report of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. "valuing peace, reporting in good faith, pioneering and innovative" submitted by HCMC was included in the blue book as an excellent report, which comprehensively, systematically and deeply introduced the company's sound credit management mechanism and various social practice activities

both HCMC and Hitachi construction machinery group show a high degree of sense and consciousness in both enterprise activities and the promotion of social undertakings. The company actively carries out CSR training for employees, communicates closely with stakeholders, and establishes extensive and lasting customer trust since a plastic factory was moved to the village at the end of last year. From internal organization to external cooperation, Hitachi construction machinery has always adhered to the entrepreneurial spirit of "harmony", "honesty" and "pioneer spirit" put forward by Mr. Xiaoping, founder of Hitachi Group, so that "integrity" runs through all aspects of the daily operation of the enterprise. After 20 years of steady and deep cultivation, HCMC has made remarkable progress in product manufacturing, R & D and innovation, cooperation and other aspects, made important contributions to the development of regional economy, and integrity management has achieved rich value returns

for Hitachi construction machinery, it has entered the key year of the new medium-term plan "grow together 2016", constantly bringing new value to customers and better carrying forward the kenkijin spirit. Let's first understand in detail that it is the direction of Hitachi construction machinery group to continue to strive to achieve symbiosis with society in many fields. In the new year, the construction of "credit Anhui" and "credit China" will also enter a new stage. Hitachi construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd. and Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will adhere to the way of honest management, win social trust, and achieve common growth with all stakeholders

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