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Historical review | takes you into a century old German enterprise: Viking Nordson adhering to perfect quality

historical review | takes you into a century old German enterprise: Viking Nordson adhering to perfect quality

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great brands often originate from great dreams, and the long-term success of brands depends on the continuous adherence to dreams, and constantly use high-quality products to bring people the power to realize their dreams. There are many enterprises with a history of 100 years in Germany. Mercedes Benz has a history of 132 years as an automobile inventor, and Siemens has entered the Chinese market for 146 years. However, wake Northen, founded in 1848, has a history of 170 years. From a small blacksmith to becoming a pioneer in the industry today, it has left countless moments that can be included in history

next, with old photos, let's review the 13 important historical moments in the 170 years of wake Northen ~


Johann Christian Wacker is an excellent mechanical engineer. After a long time of accumulation and training, he decided to transform into a business. In 1848, he set up a blacksmith shop in Dresden, Germany, mainly producing pavement equipment, which opened the business trip of the legendary engineer


in 1930, the first self-invented electric impact rammer was introduced, and viknowson continued to bring a steady stream of innovative concepts to global construction technology. With the exquisite technology of Germany as the background, and with the goal of providing high-quality and cost-effective products, the brand of viconosen has won the support of all walks of life


in 1933, wake's first Kramer tractor came off the production line to meet the needs of agricultural production, opening the application field of wake loader


in 1937, the first concrete vibrator was launched. After hundreds of years of continuous evolution and upgrading, now, viconosen's vibrator figure is all over the world, and has served a number of world-class engineering construction, such as the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao sea crossing bridge, and has withstood the test of time and world-class


in 1956, wake electric crushing picks were born. Today, wake Northen's gasoline crushing picks have been verified especially in China's railway industry. The powerful crushing pick can be used for sleeper tamping. The improved functions and new features will make daily work more convenient in the future


in 1957, the first 1 All parts of the experimental machine should be wiped frequently by overseas subsidiaries. Taking this as a starting point, wake's overseas territory continues to expand worldwide. At present, wake Northen has more than 50 branches and 5200 dealers distributed in 12400 sites around the world


in 1973, wake's first two-way vibrating plate compactor fell to the ground, which is a perfect solution for every soil type and application field. In 2010, Viking Northen launched the world's most powerful flat ram dpu130r, which is a great achievement in the writing industry


1984, the world's first multi-functional mini excavator was born in Viking Nordson. With nearly 40 years of production technology, continuous innovation of products and continuous pursuit of quality, Viking Nordson mini excavator has a global reputation and a good reputation as the "king of small excavation in Europe"

In 1988, Northen designed and developed a "vertical excavation system VDS" that can be excavated more effectively under uneven ground conditions, laying a new benchmark technology foundation for the industry

in 1991,

the first trench roller adopts vibration mode, and the compaction effect is more dense. Especially in dog days, the work efficiency of operators is greatly improved. When paving a new asphalt road, it will not damage the adjacent paved road and avoid repeated finishing work


in 2001, Northen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Kramer Co., Ltd. were merged. Since then, Vickers Northen group has begun to take shape and the company's territory has further expanded


in 2015, Viking Nordson launched the world's first battery impact rammer (see here for details: Viking Nordson's "eco" road: zero emissions, strong power), and won two consecutive European rental award 2015 and euro test award


in February 2018, the new plant in Pinghu, China officially began production, and vikonosen (China) established its leading position in the market in the Asia Pacific region

looking back on the 170 year development history of Viking Nordson, we can find that Viking Nordson can come up with revolutionary products at every important stage, and Viking Nordson's long-standing concept of "omnipotence is doing" has also helped Viking Nordson step by step to today. Through these old photos, we can not only see the solid development of Viking Northen step by step, but also have a deeper understanding of the German style of work and the unshakable global position of Viking Northen made in Germany through the products reflected in these photos. Dedicated ASIC chips share a series of peripheral work such as sampling and status monitoring

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