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Historic breakthrough! Next year, the scale of photovoltaic market is expected to exceed 80gw

recently, the development of photovoltaic industry has made historic progress! Japanese trading houses have signed cooperation agreements with a number of Chinese photovoltaic organizations, further expanding their overseas market

in addition, it is expected that more than 80gw of photovoltaic market will appear next year

overseas opportunities photovoltaic cooperation in the Japanese market

on October 25, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe officially visited China after seven years. During his visit to China, local governments, financial institutions and enterprises of the two countries signed more than 50 cooperation agreements, with an amount of more than 18billion US dollars

among them, the photovoltaic industry has gained a lot. China photovoltaic industry association and GCL group have signed cooperation agreements with well-known comprehensive trading houses in Japan

the cooperation project between Jinke, Trinasolar and Japan is also known as the "milestone" on the road of photovoltaic cooperation between the two sides

this is undoubtedly heavy news for domestic photovoltaic enterprises. As the two sides have made historic breakthroughs in cooperation, Peng Zhijun, the interior technical manager of the technical center of China's photovoltaic enterprise Jianghuai Automobile Company, will have a broader overseas market

recently, with the shock of the domestic photovoltaic market, more and more enterprises have focused on foreign markets. According to statistics, the overseas PV market will reach 80-90gw next year, which is basically three times that of China

China and Japan signed several photovoltaic cooperation agreements

as the highlight of the achievements of their visit to China, on October 26, China and Japan held a "third party market cooperation forum" in Beijing, with thousands of entrepreneurs participating in the meeting

zhugongshan, chairman of GCL group, Qian Jing, vice president of Jingke energy, and you Hongming, vice president of Trinasolar, attended the forum as representatives of photovoltaic enterprises

during the forum, China and Japan signed more than 50 cooperation agreements, and the cooperation in the energy field attracted special attention. Among them, in the field of photovoltaic, China photovoltaic industry association and Marubeni (Note: Japan's representative large integrated trading company) signed the "cooperation in the field of solar power generation in the third market"

in addition, GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd. and Mitsui properties (Note: the world's largest integrated trading house) signed the agreement on joint investment and development in China, Japan and third countries

the two cooperation agreements not only cover a wide range of areas and have great market cooperation potential, but also provide a good demonstration for Chinese photovoltaic enterprises to open the Japanese market

Trinasolar and jingkecheng are examples of cooperation

in fact, before this forum, Chinese photovoltaic enterprises had realized the opportunity to smell the overseas market and took the lead in cooperating with Japanese enterprises

among them, the photovoltaic projects carried out by Trinasolar and Jinke energy in a third-party country with the structural characteristics and working principles of the cooperation between them and the Japanese business agency have attracted widespread attention in this forum, and have even been called "milestone projects" by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Trinasolar's 104 MW photovoltaic power station project in Mexico, in cooperation with Mitsui Co., Ltd., is one of the 14 classic cases of third-party market cooperation between China and Japan

last November, Trinasolar and Mitsui won the bid for the 104gw single photovoltaic power station project in Mexico. The project was jointly developed and invested by Trinasolar and Mitsui and is expected to be put into commercial operation in the second quarter of 2020

in fact, this is not the first time Trinasolar won the bid for the Mexican ground power station project. As early as 2016, Trinasolar won the bid for the 133mw single power station project in Mexico

in addition to Trinasolar, the Abu Dhabi 1177mw photovoltaic project jointly built by Jingke and Marubeni Corporation of Japan also attracted much attention at the "China Japan third party market cooperation forum"

this project is the largest single power station in the world. It is expected to start commercial operation in the second half of next year, and its upper electricity price will also become one of the most competitive electricity prices in the solar energy industry

overseas breakthrough war officially started

with the further opening of the Japanese market, going overseas has become the choice of many photovoltaic enterprises today, and even many enterprises regard the overseas market as "life-saving straw, turn down the oil delivery valve"

at present, the global energy cleaning trend is faster and faster, and the market demand for photovoltaic and other products is also increasing year by year. According to insiders' estimates, by 2019, the overseas photovoltaic market will have a 40% - 50% growth, with a scale of more than 80gw, and may even reach 90gw

this also means that the overseas market will usher in a year of explosion next year, and it is expected that nearly 40 countries will enter the GW level installed capacity

the emergence of massive markets has attracted many enterprises to dig for gold, and at present, a number of pioneers have achieved remarkable results

taking GCL group as an example, in the first half of this year, GCL integrated achieved 1.02gw of shipments in overseas markets, with a revenue of more than 2.786 billion yuan, an increase of 201.88% year-on-year. The overseas markets of Jingke, Trina Solar, Atlas, Hanhua and other enterprises have also done well

it is true that while overseas markets bring many opportunities, there are also various problems. This requires domestic photovoltaic enterprises to optimize industrial layout, enhance core technology competitiveness, and make rational judgments on the basis of full market research while going abroad

there is no doubt that the overseas market breakthrough in the photovoltaic field has officially started. The emergence of massive market scale will provide more development opportunities for photovoltaic enterprises

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