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Anhui builds China's largest new non-metallic material base

the new non-metallic material base with an annual output of 1million tons invested and built by Anhui Guofeng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. recently broke ground in Dongzhi County, Anhui Province. The commencement of the project marks that Anhui Province will become the largest production, processing, operation and export base of new non-metallic materials in China at present, and also marks that China's long-term dependence on imports for the use of new non-metallic materials has become history. Guofeng new non-metallic material project is one of the five key projects in the Tenth Five Year Plan of Anhui provincial government, and it is also a key project approved by the State Planning Commission and the State Economic and Trade Commission. The total investment of the project is more than 700million yuan and will be completed and put into operation within three years

new non-metallic material products are one of the most popular industries in the world at present. Advanced countries recently regard the degree of development and application of non-metallic minerals as one of the symbols to measure the national technology and production level, and there is a slight difference between the two. It is mainly known that it is widely used in plastic, rubber, paper, building materials, daily chemical industry, food, medicine, coating and other industries, and has a broad market and good benefits. China's non-metallic material processing and use of technical equipment has been relatively backward. At the end of the 1980s, this product was almost blank and depended on imports for a long time. In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's economic construction, the non-metallic material industry has developed rapidly and become a rising industry. It is predicted that the market demand for non-metallic materials in China exceeded 8million tons in 2001, and the current production capacity is far from meeting the market demand

Anhui Province is one of the provinces with the most abundant sources of non-metallic mineral resources in China, which experienced a continuous decline in PPI as long as four years ago. Dongzhi County and its surrounding areas have large reserves of limestone and calcite, high grade, convenient mining, and are rare high-quality mineral resources in China. The project will make full use of Anhui's rich non-metallic mineral resources, research and develop high-end products, especially the development and utilization of nanotechnology, will improve the added value and scientific and technological content of products, and make China's non-metallic material products catch up with the world's advanced level

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