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Hisense washing machine took the lead in popularizing all-in-one drum washing and drying machine, leading the high-end transformation

as a rare local brand in China that masters the core technology of drum washing machine, Hisense washing machine timely adjusted its product strategy, started with drum washing machine, quickly completed the layout on high-end drum washing machine, and opened a new era of drum drive in the industry. At present, China's washing machine industry is in a period of in-depth adjustment and reform

on the one hand, due to the withdrawal of many national policies to promote domestic demand and the continuous downturn of the real estate market, the consumption demand of the washing machine market is challenged; On the other hand, users' demand for product upgrading has increased significantly. In this context, how to establish a first mover advantage in the field of high-end products represented by drum washing machines has become the key for washing machine enterprises to attack industry leading opportunities in this round of reform

as a rare local brand in China that has mastered the core technology of drum washing machine, Hisense washing machine timely adjusted its product strategy. Starting with drum washing machine, Hisense quickly completed the layout on high-end drum washing machine, opening a new era of drum drive in the industry

drum top crack industry development momentum

according to the monitoring data of zhongyikang, the market share of drum washing machines is increasing year by year, while the market share of wave wheel and parallel bar washing machines is decreasing year by year. For example, the retail sales of roller market accounted for 38.69% in 2008, and increased to 51.48% in 2013, ranking firmly at half of the industry. Especially in the urban market, drum washing machines have become the first choice for consumers

although washing machine manufacturers have been committed to meeting the increasingly diverse needs of consumers and constantly improving products in terms of technology and convenience, survey data show that consumers are still dissatisfied with the current washing machine products

research shows that users' concerns about drum washing machines mainly focus on complex operation, high power consumption and long washing time. When consumers buy washing machines, they are most concerned about cleanliness, sterilization effect and appearance. Based on the above user research, we can quickly and effectively solve the pain points of the above products, meet the product needs that consumers are most concerned about, and improve the consumer experience, that is, we can get market opportunities

it is understood that among white household appliances, washing machines are the category with the most technical content. Over the years, the drum washing technology has always been controlled by foreign-funded enterprises. Among them, Hisense has become a rare local brand in China that has mastered the core technology of drum washing machines, which has become the basis for the counter attack of Hisense washing machines

later, Hisense raised the situation of high-end washing machines in Shanghai.

relying on its strong technical research and development strength and accurate grasp of market demand, Hisense has achieved remarkable performance in the washing machine market in recent years, achieving the later ranking. The fine washing machine launched by it not only directly hits the pain points of consumers, but also has the largest 506mm inner cylinder in the industry, which can reduce the intensity of earthquake damage. The cylinder diameter and the highest temperature can reach 95 degrees. The cylinder cleaning program completely kills bacteria, solves the mixed washing program with complex operation design and a variety of personalized washing programs that make the upper and lower jaws different from each other, and has become the cleanest, healthiest and most humanized washing machine in the industry

not only that, Hisense took the lead in breaking through the problem of large washing capacity and large drying capacity in the washing and drying all-in-one machine products representing the highest end of the industry. Through the UFO condensation drying technology, intelligent super large air duct design and four point temperature control system, it realizes the combination of 9 kg washing capacity and 6 kg drying capacity. The data shows that under the same 5 kg load, the drying efficiency is increased by more than 30%, and the drying time is shortened by 1/3. The super drying ability, plus the unique four drying modes of instant wear, storage, ironing and regular drying, combined with 16 washing modes, fully meet the laundry needs of users

similarly, Hisense is also very strict in quality control. Every Hisense washing machine has to go through hundreds of quality control and testing procedures, such as parts mobilization inspection, process quality control, factory quality assurance inspection, etc. For this reason, Hisense also introduced Italian original AEA automatic detection and other test and detection equipment. After more than 100000 life tests on keys, program controllers, detergent boxes, door switches and other components, the whole machine has carried out 4500 trouble free operation tests, which is higher than the industry average level. It is in this high-quality guarantee that the material to achieve the goal of "made in China 2025" is the biggest weakness. Hisense took the lead in promising the industry that the utilization proportion of the washing market accounts for as much as 95%, and the machine is guaranteed to return and replace within 30 days, creating a new standard for the service of the domestic washing machine industry

at present, large capacity and roller have become the development trend of the industry, and also led the high-end transformation of the industry. With the advantages of technology, products and services, Hisense washing machine took the lead in popularizing high-end drum washing and drying machines, which not only led to the rapid improvement of overall performance, but also made Hisense become the washing machine brand with the fastest growth rate and the greatest development potential in the industry

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