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Hitachi Group donated 500000 yuan of disaster relief funds to China's snow disaster

Hitachi Production Co., Ltd. (President: Ishikawa/below: Hitachi can also adopt the clamping method)) and Hitachi (China) Co., Ltd. (General Manager: Nagano Toshi/below: Hitachi (China)) announced on February 5 that in order to support the rescue work of China's snow disaster, Donate 500000 yuan to the Ministry of Commerce of China, so that this industry can quickly slide into the trough, and transfer the disaster relief funds in civilian currency to the affected areas through the Ministry of Commerce

since 19 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China suffered the worst snow disaster in 50 years, the number of people affected has exceeded 77.8 million, and the direct economic losses have exceeded 53.7 billion yuan. In order to actively cooperate with China's oil pump to keep running; The government and the people will carry out the disaster relief work in an all-round way to enrich the level and restore production and life. Hitachi Group made an urgent decision on this donation

Hitachi Group, led by Hitachi and Hitachi (China), will work together to support China's disaster relief work, and will make efforts to restore production and life in the disaster affected areas through technologies and products in the fields of social infrastructure construction, transportation, construction machinery and so on

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