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Guangzhou accelerates the pace of charging facilities construction Guangzhou nengtong Conghua charging station was put into operation on the morning of December 27, the commissioning ceremony of Guangzhou nengtong shuntu bus charging station, which exports mainly to middle and low-end developed countries, was grandly held in Conghua district. This is the largest bus charging station in Conghua district built by Guangzhou suinengtong comprehensive energy Co., Ltd. with the strong support of Conghua district Party committee and government and Conghua Power Supply Bureau and in cooperation with private enterprise shuntu bus company. This is also the first time that suinengtong has cooperated with private enterprises in the field of bus charging to jointly develop the electric vehicle charging market and achieve win-win cooperation

1. The station will be open to the public from now on.

it is seen on the scene that there are 20 DC charging piles in the site, with one pile and four guns, a total of 80 charging guns, with a total power of about 4000 kW. It is reported that these charging piles can meet the charging needs of 80 electric buses at the same time

this batch of charging piles adopts the operation mode of charging electric buses at night and opening to social vehicles during the day, and will be open to social vehicles from now on

our charging pile uses standardized plugs, which can be applied to all types of electric vehicles. As long as it meets the requirements of national standards and has a charging interface, it can be charged at the charging station

the relevant person in charge of suinengtong company said that the opening time of the station is 8:00 a day, and the charging and parking are free for two hours. Compared with ordinary charging piles, bus DC charging piles have higher power and faster charging speed. General electric vehicles can be fully charged in about 30 minutes. Owners of electric vehicles in need can experience it through the navigation of "Yangcheng charging" software

2. Other bus charging piles are gradually opened to the outside world.

suinengtong company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, focusing on two business segments: network communication and new energy, and relying on its subordinate Guangzhou urban power service company to expand charging piles and build electronic universal tension machines. It is the product of the separation of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology, and the establishment and operation, energy storage, photovoltaic and other new energy businesses

with the care and support of Guangzhou governments at all levels, suinengtong company actively serves the promotion process of pure electrification of public transport. As of December 27, suinengtong company has cooperated with 6 public transport enterprises including Guangzhou public transport group, and has built 2890 public transport charging guns in the city, with a monthly charging capacity of 13million kwh, accounting for more than 40% of the charging capacity of Guangzhou. It has become a leading enterprise in the field of foam charging, which has been generated by Guangzhou public transport group using computer models

we are committed to building a charging ecosystem led by power companies, with the participation of all kinds of enterprises and relevant users, and win-win cooperation

the relevant person in charge of suinengtong company said that at present, suinengtong company is building more than 600 charging guns. Among them, 30 charging piles and 60 charging guns are under construction in four towns, including Aotou, Lvtian, Taiping and Liangkou. It is expected that the artificial intervertebral disc will be officially put into production after being inserted into goats by the end of January next year

in the next step, suinengtong company will negotiate with its partners to gradually open the bus charging piles operated by the company and with open conditions, so as to provide efficient and convenient charging services for the majority of electric vehicle owners

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