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Guangzhou, a big player in the auto industry, talked about auto marketing under the new situation: there would be no warm spring without cold winter

at the 16th Guangzhou International Auto Exhibition, which opened on November 16, many manufacturers felt a little heavy - the data recently released by the China Association of automobile manufacturers showed that in October 2018, the national auto sales were 2.38 million, a year-on-year decrease of 11.7%. The year-on-year decline has been four consecutive months, and this year may usher in the first decline in 28 years

in this context, the baidu Auto Channel Industry Roundtable forum of 2018 Guangzhou auto show, jointly hosted by app auto channel and auto market app, has attracted special attention in the industry. Huaiyang, President of Xingyuan automobile, Han song, co-founder and CEO of the old driver, Wan Chao, director of strategic cooperation of Baijia, and Qian Dewen, host of the round table forum and general manager of the automobile market, talked freely about the future trend of China's automobile market, how to avoid homogenization of automobile marketing, and what the content platform needs to do in the future

"there will be no warm spring without cold winter." The guests believed that the downward trend of the industry will help stimulate all subjects to explore new models, explore new thinking, create new market hopes and glow with new vitality

how will the nails on the skateboard go in the future this year

at present, there is a downward trend in sales in China's automobile market, which is likely to lead to the first annual decline in nearly 10 years. So what will the future trend of the automobile market be? This became the first topic discussed by several industry celebrities

Huaiyang believes that the decline of the car market this year is a certainty. This is related to two major factors: first, the downward pressure on China's macro economy has increased. Consumers' disposable funds are tight, and their willingness to buy cars is no longer strong; Second, the automobile market has crossed the rigid demand explosion stage for about a decade. First tier cities have experienced first-time car purchase and second car replacement, including the improvement of rigid demand. Therefore, from the perspective of market incremental space, it is basically limited. "In the coming year, the situation will not be too optimistic."

Wan Chao has a more optimistic view. He believes that when the car market will pick up is more closely related to macro factors, but from the perspective of the overall trend of embrittlement temperature ≤ 6.2 ℃, it is still optimistic in the long run. "Without winter, there will be no warm spring. Through the downward trend of the industry, it will stimulate the exit of some backward production capacity, and give more support to some good manufacturers to stand out. Next, there will be a gathering of head production capacity."

Han song also holds an optimistic view. In his opinion, although the downward trend is a reality that all auto practitioners must face, there are at least three driving factors that have not occurred, which will break up in the future. There is a better imagination: first, the demand for car replacement is constantly occurring, and people who buy cars from 2012 to 2015 will gradually enter the car replacement cycle; Second, post-90s and post-95s consumers are entering the market and gradually become the army of automobile consumption; Third, the popularity of new energy vehicles and the intellectualization of vehicles can greatly improve the driving and riding experience of cars, which will also trigger the purchase demand of many consumers

car homogenization is becoming more and more serious. How to do marketing

with the downward trend of the auto market, how to carry out marketing becomes more urgent. However, when car manufacturers launch new cars, the concepts they put forward, such as smart cars, often give consumers the same feeling. So, when the homogenization of cars is becoming more and more serious, how should we do marketing

facing the problem raised by the host, Han Song's plan is "popular product playing method". He said that the current mainstream consumer group is the post-90s generation, who grew up using Taobao instead of PC users. They are more accustomed to playing popular products like e-commerce. They can directly pay for some highlights of a product or things that move them. Therefore, the current automobile marketing can no longer be a gradual infiltration, but to make the most influential things acceptable to users in a short time

Wan Chao gave a combination of "demand + eyeball", that is, the two levels of product and marketing should be separated. In terms of demand, the product side must grasp the trend that can stimulate purchase demand, such as autonomous driving, to break through. From the eye-catching level, we should grasp the trend of attention shift, pay attention to content consumption scenarios, and design some corresponding marketing methods. For example, baidu auto channel is cooperating with many auto manufacturers to push original stories and combine short video content of IP with auto advertisers to better perceive users and strengthen their mental cognition

Huaiyang said that the core change in the car market is the change from the seller's market to the buyer's market, so how to operate users with elastic demand is very critical. Auto manufacturers need to "really put down their own seller's market model and logic, walk steadily into the consumer system, and listen to what consumers say"

what should content platforms do to face market changes

under the premise of such changes in the automotive market, what will a content platform do in the future? How to spread the product well? Several guests came from different content platforms, and they all had a lot of experience in this regard

Founded at the end of 2016, Xingyuan automobile is China's first industrial interconnection platform dedicated to intelligent operation in the field of automobile circulation. Huaiyang said, "Xingyuan has always emphasized one thing, that is, global marketing. It has a professional automobile media platform, automobile Daquan, which can effectively output the automobile content that consumers care about. At the same time, it also pays more attention to the integration and distribution with consumer scenes, so as to help automobile manufacturers and various dealers obtain, connect and solidify automobile users in various scenes at a lower cost and higher efficiency." He believes that the content output should grasp the flexible demand, and for example: a mother of three or a second child may pay attention to the mother baby scene every day. For such flexible consumers, the output of vehicle content can do a competition about big seven SUVs or MPVS. If this content appears in the mother baby scene, it is easier to attract the attention of such flexible demand consumers

"old driver" app was officially launched in early 2017. It is an industrial ecological platform for building automotive culture, automotive life and automotive trading. Han Song believes that content production should have two aspects: one is to take real, the other is to take potential. The so-called factual means that with the change of automotive products, the way of content reporting, including structure and form, will also change. The so-called momentum taking means that consumers are monopolized by social software, information software and video software for more than 70% of their time on the mobile terminal, and the space for vertical stations to compete is getting smaller and smaller. This is a new challenge for content production organizations, which need to adjust their original habits and content standards that they can define according to various platforms

baijiahao has been committed to the construction of high-quality content and the cultivation of high-quality authors in the automotive industry. Wan Chao said that baijiahao is constantly increasing its support in terms of products, traffic, operations and other aspects, so that content producers can give full play to what they are good at and spread the ultimate content to the people. "Baijiahao itself is positioned as Baidu's content supply platform. For good content, it generally adopts a single arm (single column) as for 500N models A user may enter a query at a different time about a different need, which is very desired. We very much hope to give full play to our strengths, give full play to our advantages, help good content get better dissemination, and establish our own brand. "

(source: Volkswagen Securities News)


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