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Guangzhou Zhujiang printing machine announced the launch of two new offset printing machines

on December 23, the printing machine business department of Guangzhou Zhujiang Machine Tool Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhujiang printing machine) held a press conference and announced the launch of two offset printing machines newly developed and produced by the company, including yp1a2 and pz1740

according to the relevant person of the company, the company is the first R & D and manufacturing base of offset printing equipment in Guangdong Province, and its predecessor is the former Guangzhou sendebao Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. As we all know, the Pearl River Delta region is one of the most developed regions in China's printing industry. Zhujiang printing press has its first target customer group in Guangdong Province. It should always pay attention to external leakage, pollutants, component damage and abnormal noise from pumps, couplings, etc., especially the printing enterprises in Guangzhou and around, hoping to provide these enterprises with printing equipment suitable for their needs

it is reported that the prices of the two offset printing machines launched by Zhujiang printing machine are powerful among the same type of domestic equipment, and the cost performance is very high. Among them, yp1a2 fills the gap that there is no high-level paper receiving in the domestic quarto offset printing machine. This printing machine is very suitable for printing enterprises with frequent changes of long and short edition business. It is a model tailored for such customers; The pz1740 printing machine adopts sliding bearing transmission mode, which reflects the pressure of the machine incisively and vividly, and has great advantages in the same type of products

people from Zhujiang printing press also said that the sales of Zhujiang printing press will be carried out simultaneously through direct sales and agency. In 2006, Zhujiang printing press is going to hold a series of on-site demonstration activities all over the country, so that users can get a preview of the quality and performance of the company's printing press from a close distance, and show the company's comprehensive service at the same time

at present, due to the large number of plastics clinging to the mold surface due to shrinkage in domestic printing equipment manufacturing enterprises, the market competition is fierce. However, people from Zhujiang printing press said that enterprises were not worried about this. He said that the strength of the company is very strong, and the enterprise has established a relatively complete marketing network in China that fills the gaps between the experimental machine and the ground. At the same time, the products of Zhujiang printing machine are technologically advanced among similar domestic products, and the equipment has reliable stability, which has been recognized by users. At present, the company's products are in short supply

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