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Yuanfangyuan, doctor's house and other brands of children's furniture have potential safety hazards

yuanfangyuan Doctor's house and other brands of children's furniture have potential safety hazards

September 0, 2013 "although the overall domestic economic environment is still relatively severe now, June 6

[China paint information] The national standard for children's furniture has been implemented for more than a year, but some enterprises are still unfamiliar with the national standard and do not design and produce according to the standard requirements. Recently, the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce organized the quality monitoring of children's furniture sold on the market. Among the 24 batches of products tested, 13 batches were unqualified, with a failure rate of 54.2%. Among them, 8 batches of products such as yuanfangyuan, doctoral house and Bodhi Island were unqualified in structural safety performance, which was easy to cause harm to children

China's economy learned that the shopping malls selected by Shanghai Administration for Industry and commerce this time include haobainian, Jisheng Weibang, red star Macalline, Shimao furniture and other professional markets and comprehensive markets. Among the 24 batches of products tested, 13 batches are unqualified, with a failure rate of 54.2%. The main unqualified items are structural safety performance and warning signs. The inspection items involving hazardous substances, including formaldehyde emission and the content of heavy metals such as lead, mercury and chromium, are all qualified. The main reason for the unqualified children's furniture in this sampling inspection is that some enterprises are not familiar with the newly implemented national standards that not only stipulate the fuel requirements in the new standard system, but also fail to design and produce according to the standard requirements

the spot check results showed that the structural safety performance of 8 batches such as yuanfangyuan and doctoral house was unqualified, of which 5 batches such as Bodhi Island did not meet the edge and cutting-edge requirements. The monitoring found that four corners of furniture panels in four batches were not rounded, or the rounding radius did not meet national standards, and there were sharp edges at both ends of metal door handles in one batch of furniture. Sharp edges and tips are easy to cause traumatic injury to children's bodies. National standards stipulate that children's furniture should not have dangerous sharp edges and tips, and edges and edges should be rounded or chamfered. In addition, there are 6 batches that do not meet other requirements for structural safety performance. For example, some drawers do not have anti pull off devices, and the child may be injured if he pulls off his big goal; Some 4 casters have no locking device; Some cabinets with a height greater than 600mm are not provided with connectors fixed on the building, so children are easy to overturn after climbing

the monitoring also found that 11 batches of children's furniture were not marked with the applicable age group, which did not meet the requirements of warning signs. It is reported that children's furniture of different ages has different requirements for mechanical properties. In order to prevent misuse, the standard requires that the instructions for the use of furniture should indicate the applicable age group, namely "3 to 6 years old", "3 years old and above" or "7 years old and above"

the Department of industry and Commerce reminds consumers to give priority to safety performance when purchasing children's furniture, pay attention to whether the edges and tips of children's furniture have been rounded, whether there are dangerous protrusions, whether holes and gaps will jam children's fingers, whether the folding structure has a locking device, it is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products, whether there are ventilation holes that meet the requirements in the confined space, and whether the door should have no automatic locking device, In case children cannot walk out by themselves after entering. In addition, after using children's furniture for a period of time, the movable parts should be checked, and the screws of the guide rail, hinge and handle should be tightened to prevent the movable parts from falling off due to the loosening of the screws

list of unqualified children's furniture quality monitoring in circulation field of Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce in the first quarter of 2013

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