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Always guard the safety of children's electricity use. Delixi Electric has won the "CSR Chinese Culture Award 2016" for many times.

the new year is approaching, and Delixi Electric welcomes good news again. On December 22, the 2016 CSR Chinese Culture Award Ceremony in the field of home appliances, hosted by the people's national human history magazine, was grandly held in Beijing. After successfully winning the best social participation award of the 2015 CSR Chinese Culture Award with the public welfare action of inheriting the Chinese dragon boat culture last year, Delixi Electric won the best innovation practice award of the 2016 CSR Chinese culture award again with the adejin campus children's electricity safety education project, It has become the first enterprise in China's industrial electrical industry to win the CSR Chinese culture award repeatedly

(Delixi Electric won the best innovation practice award of the 2016 CSR China culture award repeatedly. Polymer parts include trophies and certificates for all parts from the cylinder block and cylinder head to the throttle body, fuel distribution pipe and oil pump)

practice society and promote cultural public welfare undertakings

culture is the blood of the people and the spiritual home of the people. In the process of rejuvenation and development of Chinese culture, enterprises that actively fulfill the social responsibility will play an increasingly significant role. CSR China Culture Award is the first evaluation system and award focusing on the cultural development undertaken by enterprises in China. It aims to promote the diversified development of enterprise society and promote all sectors of society to actively participate in cultural construction and protection

since its inception, Delixi Electric has never forgotten its corporate society while developing. Since it took the lead in establishing the Delixi Electric charity fund in 2012, through various social activities, it has formed the concept of paying attention to the healthy growth of young people and helping the elderly live in peace in their old age, carrying forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture and emergency relief of natural disaster power facilities, De style CSR mode with industry characteristics and in line with national conditions. The inheritance of Chinese dragon boat culture project, which won the CSR Chinese Culture Award last year, not only carries forward Chinese traditional culture, but also is an innovative practice of the de style CSR model. The award-winning adejin campus children's electricity safety education project is another innovative measure of Delixi Electric in implementing the social road and leading the new trend of public welfare

(on-site display of Delixi Electric adjin campus project at the 2016 CSR Chinese Culture Award Ceremony)

innovative exploration always protects children's electricity safety

Delixi Electric has always taken paying attention to the healthy growth of teenagers as one of the important missions of giving back to the society. Since 2013, based on its leading advantage in the power industry, Delixi Electric has invested millions to shoot the world's first pure public welfare children's electricity safety series cartoon "Adelaide's wonderful safe journey of electricity", which breaks through the shackles of traditional methods such as preaching on February 25 and textbooks, and adheres to the concept of teaching in fun, Through vivid and interesting cartoon animation, we spread the knowledge of safe electricity use to children, solved the social problems of children's safe electricity use education in an innovative way, and escorted the safety of children's electricity use

frequent efforts to practice the de style CSR innovation mode

in order to further popularize children's knowledge of safe electricity use, Delixi Electric has carried out adelain campus activities all over the country, showing children's electricity safety series cartoons free of charge in kindergartens and primary schools in Wenzhou, Wuhu, Shanghai, Ningbo and other kindergartens and primary schools, and distributing safety education CDs; Together with offices all over the country, enterprises such as Sichuan wangjiaan hope primary school have donated to build hope primary school, primary schools, kindergartens, early education institutions and disabled persons' federations in their areas, and carried out activities to popularize children's knowledge of safe electricity use; At the same time, we will launch cross-border promotion, expand popularization and communication with the help of online advantageous platforms, lead dealers, suppliers and media from all walks of life to enter the classroom to publicize children's electricity safety education, realize online and offline multi platform interaction, gather public welfare forces, and make children's electricity safety education enter a new stage

(former member of the Party group of the China Federation of literary and art circles, deputy 1. The hydraulic system of the universal tensile testing machine is seriously leaking. Xia Chao, chairman, presented the award to Ms. Hu Xiaochun, director of Delixi Electric brand center)

for more than three years, adjin campus public welfare action has made efforts for the dissemination and development of children's electricity safety education, and has been unanimously recognized by children, parents and teachers, The combination of the strengths of professionals in various fields has jointly promoted the enrichment and reform of educational content. It is precisely because Delixi Electric regards public welfare as a cause, continues to operate with great care, takes the lead in weaving a unique and consistent care system for the healthy growth of teenagers with Chinese characteristics, and always guards the safety of children's electricity use, that it can win the 2016 CSR Chinese Culture Award and become a pioneer in the field of corporate social culture

in the future, Delixi Electric will continue to take the creation of a happy enterprise as the goal, combine the efforts of 90000 people from the three parties of enterprises, dealers and partners to jointly build a social ecosystem with unified values, further explore and practice the de style CSR innovation mode, and transmit the love and sense of Delixi Electric people to the whole society

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