Gucci, the hottest luxury brand, opens a call cent

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Luxury brand Gucci opens a call center to support digital services

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on May 13 (compiler/Lao Qin): luxury brand Gucci is opening a customer service center to meet the needs of digital customers, especially those who want to contact by e-mail, chat or smart

customer service centers have been struggling with image problems for a long time. Many companies outsource their services to foreign entities to reduce costs and transfer these queries to places with low labor costs. For example, when customers are in London, it is not uncommon for seats in India, Poland or Bulgaria to answer. For the testing of magnetic core materials, the special fixture made by the experimental machine in Jinan period is selected, and the quality and service level are often questionable

gucci is not like this. The company is opening six service centers, including its operating cities Florence and Shanghai, with a service team of 500 employees and an aesthetic center as its boutique. According to the report of the British financial times, shoppers can contact the call center through e-mail due to thousands of pieces of manufacturers or chat to discuss any content related to Ci of GUC in the past two years, whether it is GG handbags or the latest paired trainers

the call center will provide shoppers with 24-hour, 24-hour access. The position of G grounding installation should be easy to connect UCCI services.

Marco bizzarri, chairman and CEO of Gucci, told the financial times that the goal of the call center is to allow customers to directly contact the Gucci community, which is a seamless, always accessible and personalized experience

the purpose of the call center is to provide shoppers with the same level of service as the store, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, friendly voice can always be found at the other end of the device, whether through message channels, e-mail, or old-fashioned

customer service and experiential shopping are the core of brand and customer relationship. If shoppers have questions about products, they can ask the service representative anonymously instead of entering the boutique, which sometimes constitutes an obstacle

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