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Guarantee of the quality and performance of injection molding machine

the quality and performance of an injection molding machine mainly depends on the accuracy of its measurement and control system, which can be guaranteed by calibrating all parameters that affect the performance of the machine during the trial operation of the machine (i.e. no mold and materials). Every allround machine of aberg has to undergo such calibration before being delivered to the customer. However, because the performance parameters of the machine will change over time, such as the parameter changes caused by the wear of parts and components, it is very necessary to readjust these parameters regularly. Only in this way can we ensure that the machine has good repeatability. Aberg can provide adjustment services for this purpose

a reliable injection molding machine is the primary condition to ensure the quality of products. In addition, the setting of parameters, mold, cooling, temperature control, materials, operator experience and environmental factors also have varying degrees of impact on the quality of products. In order to improve the production performance of an injection molding machine, we should also understand the performance characteristics and tolerance dimension requirements of products in detail

according to the production conditions and research time limit, the production performance of the equipment can be identified in two ways. The first is the so-called "short-term performance". Its characteristic is that only a small number of continuously produced molded products are tested for quality. Because it is a short-term test, the influence from materials, operators and the external environment is relatively stable before the popularization of light metal materials. Therefore, the test results basically reflect the quality performance of production equipment, so we can judge the performance of the machine. Usually, by using the customer's molds and materials, whether there is leakage; The association should also strengthen the guidance and support of all branches. The performance and quality of the machine can be determined by the acceptance test of different connecting lines and different links in the factory. Arbor can facilitate Lianhe communication; It can help customers to measure the tolerance according to their wishes, and provide separate process parameter analysis

however, the real technological performance of the machine can be truly reflected only in actual production. In other words, the quality and performance of the machine must be tested on the actual production site and through long-term use. In this process, factors such as materials, operators and environment will inevitably bring some impacts. In this regard, Arburg's quality assurance system AQS can help

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