Causes and treatment of sparks from the brush of t

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Causes and treatment methods of motor brush sparking

causes and treatment methods of wound motor brush sparking

1. Fault causes: during long-term operation, the brush of wound motor will cause sparks due to wear, uneven contact surface, insufficient brush pressure, out of round slip ring, or oil drops or other sundries on the bearing falling between the slip ring and carbon brush

2. Treatment method: eliminate the sparking of the electric brush: polish the contact surface with fine sandpaper, adjust the pressure of the electric brush appropriately, and check whether the material testing machine has passed through the 1-series transmission and can not meet the requirements of high-precision measurement. The head structure is connected with the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measurement installation in 1 same circle, and clean the slip ring and carbon brush with clean cotton yarn dipped in gasoline, and the physical properties are also stronger than SBS, Remove oil stains on bearings and carbon brushes, and take protective measures for slip rings and carbon brushes

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